Hostel Now Open for Business!

It's almost here! A heaping helping of torture porn will arrive on June 8th, and there's no doubt it will ruffle a few feathers on some conservative news channels. With less than a month to go b

New Praises For The Line

Sorry, Shark Attack fans, not that line. Ahem ...

Sega Condemned Yet Again

This time of year used to be the hottest for gaming news. E3 would have been going on right now if it hadn't been all downsized and moved, and we'd be flooded with information about sweet lookin

Get A Bad Reputation

Hot damn! After a few years in hiding Bad Reputation (review) is breaking out of its shell to show itself off to audiences at Cannes. We just don't get enough high school thrillers these days...

Gamebox & Speck Discs Out

It can be argued that Lionsgate has become the new master of horror DVDs. Each week at least 8 to 10 show up on the radar, and more often than not, they are enjoyable. So what are some of the fi

Hess Denies Deodato Collaboration

Just wanted to clear up a bit of confusion that’s been going on out there in the world weird web, if I may. David Hess, star of Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left among many others, has been ment

Terminator Definitely Back!

While I know the Terminator films aren't technically "horror," they are much beloved and have enough genre elements that fans should be interested in this latest news from The Hollywood Reporter

Crazy, Portal &Triloquist Trailers

Traci Lords may no longer be a scandalous porn star, but that doesn't mean her career is over. She's been making steady appearances on TV and in films for nearly every year in recent memory. It

Everyone Loves Cabin Fever

So I guess it really doesn’t matter what your background is; everyone wants to get covered in fake blood at some point in his or her life. Props to our collectible/MySpace master Nomad for f

New Hostel Pics, Clip

Been a while since we’ve thrown out any Hostel Part II updates, mainly because we wanted to wait until you had plenty to check out at once. Yeah, that’s it. It’s not like we're lazy or anything.

The Legion of Michael Wants YOU!

"I met him fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no conscience, no understanding; even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. I met

More Wittenberg Cast Announced!

For those excited about Sid Haig's directorial debut, Wittenberg (story here), get prepared to get even more stoked! Additional casting news has just been announced, and joining stars Nicole

Sideshow's Dead ... Dead?

Sideshow's slow, lumbering release of zombie figures has had collectors biting their nails for years now. With three releases under their belts, the 12-inch masters now issue a "press announce

New Poster, Clip for Perfect Creature

It’s strange, sometimes, how long it can take a film to actually come out. Making it, filming and getting the sound design, effects, etc. done; you’d think that would be the time consuming proce