Pathology Set Preview

The twisted minds behind last year's Crank have set their sites on medical horror and if that doesn't excite you, you're as dead as the stiffs in Pathology - a blood-drenched psychological creepfest due out from MGM at year's end.

New Trip to Hell House Planned?

Despite their iffy turnout to date (28 Weeks fucking ruled, the rest has been "eh"), I’m happy to see that Fox Atomic is sticking to our genre for future endeavors, at least that seems to be their pla

Aussie Beauty on Albino Farm

Foy was the first to tell you about the new indie horror film Albino Farm (right here), which is being put together over in Missouri, announcing that wrestler Chris Jericho was on board the film. It t

Ghost Riding Again

We're just a week or so away from the release of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Despite sucking more than Jenna Jameson going down on a Hoover Upright in the center of a black hole, the fi

Yuzna Gets Amazing!

Ah, nothing like being able to report new movements in the confusing world of Brian Yuzna... Variety has announced that the Bride of Re-Animator/Rottweiller director has teamed with newcomer Notro

I Am Legend Trailer!

All right, I take back my trepidations about I Am Legend, at least temporarily. The trailer was just posted over on Apple and yes, it is badass. No more words. Click here to see the first I Am Legend trailer! - Johnny Butane Got news? Click here to submit it!

Braunbeck & Newton Show Faces

Dread Central learned today that filmmaker Earl Newton has teamed up with author and DC friend Gary A. Braunbeck to bring us a short movie called "One of Those Faces", an adaption of Braunbeck's short

Rogue Trailer Live!

Gonna keep this one nice & short cause you don’t need a lot of explanation; Fangoria got their hands on the trailer for Greg (Wolf Creek) McLean’s Rogue, the giant croc picture that’s been rolling aro

Exclusive: First News on Dead @17 Film!

Girls are pretty cool, no? What about girls who kick ass? What about girls who kick the ass of the undead? Perhaps the coolest girls of all.

Boll Goes Freestyle

Say what you will about Uwe Boll, there are worse filmmakers working today with much worse attitudes towards filmgoers, and the man can still make a deal. Plus he’s just fucking funny!

Indie Murders by Moonlight

We got a heads up today about a new indie film that just might be worth your time, even if the poster art leaves a bit to be desired. Most of the cast and crew of another indie film, Hellbilly 58.

Zombie Wolverine Eats Toys

The squeezing of every ounce of zombie goo from the rotting corpse that is Marvel Zombies continues over at Diamond Select Toys and seriously, NO ONE is complaining over here. I've said it before ...

Name Our Newest Feature!

We are just about ready to test out a new feature here at Dread Central and need your help! Are you up to the challenge? Are your mouse-clicking fingers fast enough? Recently Buz, Foy, and I sat do

Turner Clarifies Stone House

Earlier this week it was reported that Alex Turner was working on a sequel/prequel to his Henry Thomas-starrer war horror film Dead Birds called The Stone House.

Winston Produces Demon

Love me some news about demons, yes I do.