Bring Hatchet to Your Theatre

MPAA Slaps Hatchet with NC-17

In a showing of extreme out of touch, unfair, elderly assholery, the MPAA has seen fit to slap Hatchet (review here) with the dreaded NC-17 rating. Ponder that if you will. Similar big studio

More Fever on MySpace

Few things in life make me feel as warm and fuzzy inside as seeing someone splash a bucket of blood on something to make sure things look as ghastly as possible (click on the photo to the right

Unbury the Hatchet

I've heard it all before. "I'm sick of remakes!" "Another lame sequel!?" "Great, another timid PG-13 shitfest." Do you feel that way? Do you really feel that way? Then the time has come t

A PG-13 Prom

Why is it that whenever Butane takes a few days off, the news comes in faster and more furious than usual? In any event, Fangoria posted this report on the Prom Night remake (which we last upda

Horrors in Mumbai

Never let it be said that we here at Dread Central don't look out for our horror-loving brethren across the globe. IBNLive.com, the online Indian news arm of CNN, is reporting today that reside

Host Goes Multi-Format In July

There is some good news for those of us who were unable to get The Host Limited Complete Edition DVD (review here) because of either the price or the sad fact that we lack a multi-region DVD player.

RIP Nicholas Worth

The industry has lost one of the true great character actors of our time. Nicholas Worth (Darkman, Swamp Thing, Scream Blacula Scream) died of heart failure Monday at Van Nuys’ Valley Presbyteri

Play with Your Dead

Just a few days after Sideshow Collectibles deemed their Dead, dead, comes a better look at everyone's new favorite public speaker (hey, he sounded more professional than Bush), otherwise known

Rutger Signing Tonight

Ever wanted to meet Rutger Hauer? Shake his hand or run your fingers through his hair? Watch him stick a nail through his palm maybe? It's doubtful much of that will happen, but we do know for s

Will Barry Open the Box?

Mythology lovers like myself received some very interesting news today courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. 20th Century Fox is in discussions with Barry Sonnenfeld, acclaimed director of th

Exclusive: First Rock and Shock Guests Announced!

Here at Dread Central we have a lot of favorites. Favorite movies, favorite celebrities, favorite fans who send in scantily clad pictures of themselves. (Note to forum member Terminal: Please,

Creature Crawls Onto DVD

New Zealand isn't only the home of Black Sheep (review); vampires are finally coming out of their coffins after two years underground. Fangoria is reporting that Fox Home Entertainment is jus

Zombie to Appear at Fango!

Could this show possibly get any bigger? News broke today that the man behind the latest trip to Haddonfield, Rob Zombie himself, has joined what has to be one of the biggest and best line-ups i

Roth Talks Trailer Trash

After a certain amount of success it isn't odd for some filmmakers to start playing it safe in order to keep the big bucks rolling in. Then there are others who just don't give a damn and want t