Distro Deal for 100 Tears

Well, that was pretty quick! Just a few short weeks after screeners had started circulating across film sites, Marcus Koch’s 100 Tears (review) has scored a DVD release with SJW and Grindstone Enterta

Surfing Dead Channels in SF

Dead Channels film fest kicked off it's first year last Thursday night, August 9'th at the legendary Castro Theater in San Francisco with screenings of the ultra-rare film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut'

BioShock Demo Now!

We’ve been talking it up for well over a year, but now it’s your chance to finally see if the game lives up to the hype as the XBox 360 demo of BioShock is finally here. Make sure you have 1.35 GBs of free space, and hit the Marketplace to take your first steps in the underwater city of Rapture.

Dead Matter Rolls

A dream came true this past weekend when Edward Douglas’ remake of his own super low-budget The Dead Matter, now with an actual budget and cast, got rolling in Cleveland, OH. Other than it being somet

El Superbeasto Update!

So it’s not a huge update, but at least it’s something after months of silence... Rob Zombie, master of dozens of MySpace pages it seems, just threw up a blog on the Haunted World of El Superbeasto

Women's Studies Trailer

Last week we showed off the first cast pic from the upcoming indie horror flick Women’s Studies (“Look at These Women!” – August 2007), and at the time it was promised that a trailer would be on its w

Southern Gothic South of the Border

Been a long time since we last heard a peep about Mark Young’s vampire tale Southern Gothic (“New Gothic, Nails Treats” – June 2007), but we just got a heads-up about another chance to see the movie f

Alien Fight in Your Pocket

Planet AvP brings word of a new Aliens vs Predator game heading to the PSP. From the sounds of things it’s a movie tie in to the upcoming sequel, Aliens vs Predator, but reportedly based on an earlier

Both Coreys in for Lost Boys 2

How many more reasons do you need that Lost Boys 2 is going to suck? A lot? I mean, if the fact that it has to do with surfing vampires isn’t enough, what about the fact that it's being directed by Fr

DVD Release List: Masters of Vacancy

Your bloody, chunky DVD offerings for Tuesday, August 14th shall be... Acts of Death (2006) Directed by Jeff Burton As part of some sick hazing tradition, a bunch of theater students (ah, the m

Ash to Kick Freddy's & Jason's Ass!

Well, I guess we all knew it would happen eventually. Though I’m sure most of us were wishing it would come to life on the big screen, sometimes seeing an artistic interpretation of something is bette

Lionsgate Behind Masters 3!

Some confirmation on the new Masters of Horror season has finally come down via Fangoria Radio last night when Mick Garris was a guest on the show. He finally made a public announcement that Lionsgate

AVP 2 Update

Three years later, the mere mention of AVP makes my blood boil. That said, I can't help but keep tabs on the upcoming Anderson-free sequel, cleverly titled Aliens vs Predator. Call it fanboy optimism,

Give to the Last of the Living

Just the other day we told you about a new indie zombie flick making it’s way out of New Zealand called Last of the Living (“Meet the Last of the Living” – August 2007). If you don’t remember it, check out the story before going forward (and lay off the weed, it was just a few days ago...)

First Look at Sweeney Todd

Yeah that’s pretty much what I’d expect a Tim Burton movie to look like. Aside from Big Fish, the man seems to love his various shades of gray, doesn’t he? Bloody Disgusting got their rancid paws