New Jaws Stuff Bites Your Wallet

In the latest mailer from our friends at Bigbadtoystore.com, you'll find a slew of new Jaws items up for pre-order. Included are... "Attack Shark" figure - with a brass plate reading "shark atta

SDCC bound for NECA

San Diego Comic Con is only one month away and geeks across the planet are reserving every inch of floor space they can to be there. Our friends at NECA drop a line to tell us their plans for the sh

A Look at Buffy's Long Way Home

OK Whedonophiles … it’s time to catch up with our girl Buffy! When we last checked out Dark Horse’s new book Buffy: Season 8 (story here) (which just seems to be called Buffy the Vampire Slayer now

Official Halloween One-Sheet

Remember yesterday when I told you how much I dug the splash page on the official Halloween site? Yeah, Rob and the marketing department at Dimension know what they’re doing because, as you can see, i

First Look at Beware the Moon!

It’s way too short and there's not enough of the massive amount of footage shot shown, but it sure as hell makes me want to see more, damnit! You will, too. Paul Davis just posted the first teaser for

Direct to DVD Horrors Update

Man, they just can’t leave the title for the film formerly known as Plane Dead (review) alone, can they? First it was changed to Flight of the Living Dead, now it’s being called Flight of the Living

Richard Stanley's Imago Mortis Rolls

Richard Stanley’s been doing a lot of updating as of late thanks to his newfound love of MySpace and all the space it allows him to write as much as he wants and get immediate reaction to it.

New & Nasty Mother of Tears Pics

Worried that, despite all of the promises about Argento’s Mother of Tears being his hardest-edged movie to date, that the director was just getting too old for this shit? One look to your right sh

The Fast & the Murderous

Long stretches of empty desert highway or middle-of-nowhere backwoods shortcuts: I think a debate could be conducted as to which of these foreboding roadways in the movies leads to the most carnage.

Dressed to Kill... Again

Man, this is just weird. Not one, but two Brian DePalma movies in some status of remake, neither of them the kinds of movies that really needed to be remade. Granted, Douglas Buck’s retelling of Si

Halloween Site Launched!

Ohhh… I like this a lot. I can’t say what about the art below really works for me, but man it sure as hell does. Wow. Check it out; the official site for Rob Zombie’s Halloween, hitting theaters Augus

Red Gives 100 Feet Update!

Things are looking good for Eric Red’s return to directing, the supernatural horror flick 100 Feet, at least so says the man himself in his latest blog update over at Arrow in the Head: "We’re five

Lots O' Hellboy 2 Casting

Man, I really can’t wait to see what del Toro is able to do with Hellboy: The Golden Army. The simple promises he’s made about it, his happiness with his new studio (Universal) and the basic elements

Death Walks the Streets Creatures!

Ah, and now we get to talk again about Death Walks the Streets, a movie that’s been a bit of a hot button issue for some horror fans for the simple fact that the filmmakers have been promoting the mov

30 Days Teaser Art!

**UPDATE!** Niles has confirmed that this is the real deal! Very cool! Though we’re not sure if this is studio-sourced or not, you have to admit it’s a damn fine looking piece of teaser art, wherev