Moore Zombies, Moore Babes!

Moore is a name well known to collectible fans, having cranked out a heaping pile of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" action figures back in the day as well as statues for Magdelena, She Dragon and most rec

UPDATED: Zzyzx Gets a Second Life

This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching the genre-bending Zzyzx (review here), and now comes word from its director Richard Halpern that the film will have the first ever "Cyber World Premier

Isolation Cover Revealed

Call me crazy (lord knows I’ve been called worse), but to me if you have a movie about a mutated cow offspring terrorizing an isolated farm, don’t you think having some indication of that on the cover

Exclusive: This Fall Gets Unholy!

"We won't be silenced. The EXPERIMENT will be revealed... Due to the controversial nature of the material, intimidating tactics have been used, both legal as well as unethical, in order to hinder the distribution of Unholy. They've succeeded. Until now..." We’ve been sitting on this news for a while now because, well, the right people asked us really nicely. Thankfully today we’ve finally gotten the go ahead to let us open our big mouths as a reward.

Saw to Sever Gamer Fingers

Today the first word came from the upstart Brash Entertainment (via Variety) as to what games it’s going to be working on, and a game based on the Lionsgate Saw series topped the list. Brash Entert

DVD Release List: Meatballs & Messengers

Creeeping their way onto DVD come Tuesday, June 5th, 2007... Absence of Light (2004) Directed by Patrick Desmond It’s always the scientists who mean well that seem to cause the biggest problems

An Unsacred Poster

Man, nothing like a screaming guy covered in tattoos to really sell your movie, you know? It’s the one thing I’ve always said studios needed more of, so of course it has to come from indie directors f

New D-War Trailer, No Date

Yippee! Yet another new trailer for D-War, the big budget South Korean/US monster mash that's been eight years in the making and still doesn't appear to be any closer to getting released ... well, any

Hunting Season Opens!

So what the hell is hunting season, aside from something my dad looks forward to every year? Well, in this case it’s actually Hunting Season because we’re talking about a brand-new survival horror mov

Transmorphers Trailer Meets the Eye

As I said in the opening of my original story about this forthcoming release from The Asylum, "I freely admit that this falls into the category of sci-fi and not horror, but, hey, we've done news and

New Gothic, Nails Treats

Though I usually don’t give two shits about vampire movies, vampire movies with William Forsythe tend to be pretty damn cool and more than worth discussing. Mark Young’s Southern Gothic is actuall

Another Captivity Move

My God could this movie get any more fucked? First Captivity, the Saw-esque horror flick starring Elisha Cuthbert, gets into all sorts of hoopla because of its advertising campaign, forcing After Dark

Bell Plays the Devil

Though it's not a horror movie, in fact as one would assume it's actually a comedy, it's always good to hear about Tobin Bell getting some non-Jigsaw related work. Variety announced this morning t

Foree Checks Into Wittenberg

Excellence On Demand Films has announced the addition of the one and only Ken (Dawn of the Dead, The Devil’s Rejects) Foree to the already stellar cast of Sid Haig’s directorial debut, Wittenberg. Fo

Trailer for Sherman's 39!

I know this isn’t exactly new, but since we’ve not pointed you to it before, I thought you guys might dig it. I just put up the trailer for Dead & Buried director Gary Sherman’s latest film, 39: E