From Beyond This September!

It’s about goddamn time! After waiting what seemed like years for another announcement about when we would finally get to see the director’s cut of From Beyond that was first mentioned many moons a

First Look at Devil's Trade Online!

The folks over at Fearnet just posted the first look at stills from Devil’s Trade, the first episodic show being produced by Ghost House Pictures that will run exclusively on the all-horror channel th

Closet Space Premiere Set!

Just got word from director Mel House that his debut Lovecraftian horror film Closet Space has set a premiere date; August 23rd at The Studio Movie Grill in Houston, TX! The showing will begin at 9

Caro Retrurns With Dante 01

Anyone out there who has seen Delicatessen and City of Lost Children should know the kind of vision the filmmaking team of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro can bring to the big screen. For years now,

Poster for a Dying God

A note to filmmakers out there; if you want me to be interested in your movie (and really, who doesn’t?), make sure it has something to do with demons and/or hell. My strange religious background make

What You'll See From Hostel II

For those of you who choose, on purpose, to sit through the fucking slow motion train wreck known as Bug (review) this weekend, there is one bright spot! As we first told you about back here, rig

Final 1408 Poster

The slavering beasts over at Ain’t it Cool News (and of course I mean that in a good way; some of my best friends are slavering beasts) managed to get their hands on the final poster art for the upcom

Sony Enters The Cottage

Following up on a story we did back here about Andy (King Kong, Lord of the Rings) Serkis joining the cast of a new horror/comedy called The Cottage, Variety had word this morning that Sony has snatch

Lionsgate Lowers Final Curtain

Outside of my highly praised performance as King George III in my sixth grade musical production on the life of our nation's second first lady, Abigail Adams, I've never had much interest or use for l

Exclusive First Look at "Black Cat" DVD!

After much begging, pleading, and deal making with certain dark forces of the underworld, we finally got you guys the first look at the DVD art for the upcoming Masters of Horror DVD, Stuart Gordon’s

Splatter Disco Wants Your Tunes

Do you have enough musical talent to land in the movie biz? Have you been looking for a way in? Well here it is; POPCinema/Shock-O-Rama are hunting down the perfect theme song for their upcoming slash

Ready to Scream for More Toys?

While I have to admit it’s very cool that there’s finally a company out there who wants to make toys based on figures from Revenge of the Ninja and Night of the Creeps (pictured), I question how much

Aqua Teen Creators Get Stiff

Good news for those of you who have watched "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"", most likely while you were really, really baked, and asked yourself "how would these guys handle a horror series?" The answer?

Turistas Lost in the UK

Allow this to serve as a news story to inform. To make you just a little bit smarter than you were when you started reading this. After all, that is what it’s all about, right? Right. This morning

Exclusive: Lost AWIL Makeup Pics!

Wow, check this out; it’s like stepping into the past by looking towards the future. Trippy, man.