DVD Release List: Abandon All Hope

Here's what's on your "to buy" list for Tuesday, June 19th, 2007... The Abandoned (2006) Directed by Nacho Cerda Definitely one of the highlights of last November’s After Dark Horrorfest was be

Exclusive Black Sheep Interview!

When the last Tribeca Film Festival went down a few months back, our man on the scene, Nomad, got to chat with Black Sheep (review) director Jonathan King about his killer sheep movie. You haven’t

New Horror From R-Point Helmer

For those of you that saw Su-chang Kong’s first foray into straight-up horror, R-Point (review) (Tell Me Something was more dramatic), you likely saw a well-shot filmed with a creepy setting but, sadl

Behind the Trailer Park

If you head on over to the official site for Steven Goldmann’s film adaptation of the Imperium Comic series Trailer Park of Terror, you can see behind the scenes of what looks to be a truly disgusting

Another Repo Story?

Now this is just scary. You may recall that Darren Bousman, director of the Saw franchise since the second film, is working on a rock opera that he will follow up Saw IV with called Repo! The Gene

Hellboy 2 Rolls!

Some more good news for you today, though it’s a few days late: Superhero Hype learned that principal photography on Hellboy 2: The Golden Army has officially begun!

First Casting for The Dead Matter

Just yesterday the official site for Midnight Syndicate's Ed Douglas’ return to directing, The Dead Matter, got a very nice bit of casting updates: Andrew Divoff, Tom Savini and Jason Carter have all

Ten Clips from Joshua!

I know we’ve not done a whole lot for the upcoming bad kid horror flick Joshua, but the movie really just came out of nowhere for us, so excuse our lateness in the game. We’ll make up for it, though,

Voodoo Zombies in Paradise Lost

Every now and then a story comes along about a project that doesn’t have any specifically exciting names attached but still manages to sound like a very promising idea nonetheless. In this case it’s

Echo Director Talks

I’ve still not seen the Asian horror sensation know as Sigaw (aka The Echo), but considering it’s been ranked among some of the best of a slowly closing circle of good horror films from Asian filmmake

Whole Coverage for Hole

Every so often you meet someone who really "gets it". Just recently, while attending the SF Bay area's Another Hole In The Head festival, I met just such a person. His name is Jason Weiner, and he und

First Look at Dear Air Poster!

Just got a heads up from Dead Air writer Ken Yakkel with the good news that the first poster for the film is ready for the public eye. That’s you. And on your right? That’s the poster. Shessh, pay attention.

The Big G in 3-D!

As one of Godzilla's biggest fans, I'm happy to pass along some news provided to us today by our loyal reader James. According to a press release posted on the Kerner Optical Research and Developmen

Picture Cult Classics 6

Badass! NECA just posted the first image of its entire lineup for Cult Classics 6. Best lineup yet? Hard to tell, but those two Lost Boys vampires are sure edging it close to the top! Check it out bel

Grizzly Park Trailer!

A while back you may remember a story or two we did about a new giant bear on the loose movie called Grizzly Park (we last told you about it right here). It’s significant both because no one really ma