DVD Date for Believers!

Finally, Warner Bros has decided what to do with Daniel Myrick’s entry in their ongoing direct-to-DVD horror line Raw Feed, The Believers (review); release it on DVD! All right, so that’s pretty mu

Alligator Snaps To DVD

Somebody go fetch Bronson "Cousin Balki" Pinchot for me because after reading that Alligator is finally getting a decent DVD release, I suddenly feel the urge to do the dance of joy. Alligator is pro

*UPDATE* Predatorized Alien Fake

*Update* Sources close to the project have confirmed that the picture to the right is nothing more than a very well done fan made concept. Attention Fox ... Hire the person who created it IM

Hatchet Kills NC-17 Rating

Somehow Hostel: Part II (review) was able to receive an R rating, but a far better film called Hatchet (review) got the shaft from the MPAA with an NC-17 branding. The gore, nudity and language are fa

See the 2nd Z•E•R•O in Secaucus!

We just got word from our friends at FearWerx that the second episode of their online zombie series War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O will have its world premiere on Sunday, July 1, 2007 at Fangoria’s Weekend

Edges Of Darkness Tease Us

Jason Horton, director of the upcoming zombie/vampire film Edges of Darkness, dropped us a line today with a link to the film's MySpace page. Over there horror fans will be treated to a few new teaser scenes.

First Saw IV Pic!

So now that Saw IV is all done shooting and the waiting game for the October release begins again, the big question is: What the hell is the film about? According to recent comments by Bousman, the of

*UPDATE* What Lies in The Mist?

You know, it’s never good when you see people gawking at something that's just out of your range of sight. Even worse, then, when that something is apparently much taller than a human and making its w

IFC Nabs Last Winter

IFC Entertainment has announced that they’ve acquired all the North American rights to Larry (Habit, Wendigo) Fessenden’s latest horror head fuck, The Last Winter, which they will release in an intere

Strathairn Fathers Two Sisters

Some more casting for the Guard Brothers’ remake of the Korean horror smash A Tale of Two Sisters has gone down today, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

New Release Date for The Signal!

I know we haven’t exactly been up on announcing stuff for the horror phenomenon The Signal, and for that I apologize. Maybe this will make up for it? We just got word that the release date for The

New Meat Train Pic!

Phil & Sarah, the two kickass folks who run the official Clive Barker Resource, just got a brand-new pic from the upcoming adaptation of Clive’s Midnight Meat Train, a tease of which you see to your right (click it for the whole thing).

Orphange Opens Sitges 07!

Man, feels like it was just yesterday we were salivating over the 2006 lineup for Sitges, and already we’re staring down the barrel of the first announcements for 2007. So far it sounds like it’s goin

Abrams Has a Big Monster

There are just no secrets in Hollywood anymore. I remember a day when you didn’t know jack or shit about a movie until the first time you saw a trailer for it in front of something else; now we know a

*UPDATE* Brand New Cujo

**UPDATE: Davis DVD initally said this would be a fullscreen transfer; Lionsgate has clarified it is not; it will be widescreen!** It’s weird which King movies seem to get more attention than other