Saw IV Teases

Wow, no idea how we missed this, I guess three trailers in two days is a bit overwhelming, but Yahoo! Movies have the first official teaser for Saw IV, which is due out October 26th. It’s classy, I’ll

Body Horror is Back with Mindflesh

Today Fangoria did up a story about a movie with an interesting title but even more interesting imagery. It’s called Mindflesh and it’s coming to us from the director of the low budget indie London Vo

Premieres After Dark

While the rest of the world’s eyes are trained on the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, the folks behind the second year of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival are compiling their own sho

First Look Behind The Happening!

Finally some details for M. Night Shyamalan’s first R-rated film, the clunkily-titled The Happening, have cropped up online thanks to the fine folks at Fearnet. The film is currently rolling down

*UPDATE* Smith's Red State Update

UPDATE: Buz turned our attention to Kevin Smith's MySpace blog where he discusses not only his lost shot at directing a Battlestar Galactica episode, but also Red State's chances of becoming a reality.

First Look at New Funny Games

To your right is a sampling of the first few shots from Michael Haneke’s upcoming remake of his own 1997 film, Funny Games. The man you see through the screen is one of two who appear one day at t

One Found Trailer

U.S. remakes of Japanese films may not be the popular trend in horror anymore, but that isn't stopping them from happening. One such title, One Missed Call (review), was handed over to French director

A Trailer Through The Mist

Holy crap is our man Andrew Kasch on a roll tonight. Just minutes after getting the Halloween interviews up, he informed me that a trailer for Stephen King's The Mist is waiting for eager readers over

New Halloween Video Interviews!

We've got some new stuff for ya just in time for the theatrical of Rob Zombie's Halloween (review). If you'd kindly click here to be transported over to our Broadband section there awaits a new interv

Universal Wants You & Chainsaws

Do you have the urge to scare people? Do you dream about jumping out of the bushes and watching with glee as unsuspecting folks run away in terror while you wield a real chainsaw? Do you live near Uni

A Date with Embodiment of Evil

How I do wish we had some news about a US release for the latest evil incantation from Brazilian madman Coffin Joe, The Embodiment of Evil (see the trailer here), but right now all we have is the firs

Braga Does the Mambo

Wow, what is it with organs being repossessed all of a sudden? Is our society in such a state that we fear even our own bodies will soon not belong to us?

Dinner for Aliens & Predators

To Hell with Paul W.S. Anderson. Sorry, sorry. That came out wrong. I meant to say ... (Editor's Note: Kryten Syxx has been advised to seek medical attention after an all nighter of AVP, Absinthe and lite bondage. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

Marshall Still Descending

While Neil Marshall is putting the finishing touches on his next film, Doomsday, which I’m sure is going to blow us all away (check out our Comic Con interviews for a look at why), movement is still happening on The Descent 2 (which may or may not be replacing its “s” with a “2”), which, as we first told you

Final Saw IV Poster

Below you will see the final poster for Saw IV, due out October 26th, thanks to the sexy folks at IGN. Honestly? I don't dig it. Tobin Bell's head on a scale? Yes. Some weird pig slut thing in what is