Jack's in the Basement

Basements are scary places, especially in Florida. For whatever reason, a few contractors here in the sunshine state decided that it was a grand idea to install that feature into some apartment complexes. Yes, the idea of flooding thanks to being below sea level never dawned on these folks. Thanks to that brain fart you can occasionally find gators, leaches and various other nasty things down in the laundry room. Well, at least we don't have psychos down there.

Weinsteins Find a Mother

Kids, if you ever feel that you may be close to releasing an ancient evil that will most likely destroy the world ... just don't do it. Leave that sort of work to the professionals or at least the fic

Fresh Blood Trails

As promised, FEARNet released the first part of their 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails project to the world wide web today! This online-only video is a prequel to the upcoming feature film bearing the same name (sans Blood Trails of course) that is set for theatrical release on October 19th.

Busting out the Bava

Oh man, how I love October! Not only do I get to dress up and beat children senseless for their candy on the 31st, but release after release of classic fright flicks come pouring out of the cracks dur

Dunstan's Midnight Man a Go!

Anyone who was lucky and/or smart enough to attend the first annual Fear Fest (more info on number two is here), and in turn were smart enough to attend the panel with John Gulager, Marcus Dunstan and Diane Goldner were the first, and maybe last, to see test footage they shot for Midnight Man, a film we’ve been hoping to get made for a while over here.

Divoff Joins Rock and Shock!

My wife and I were watching “Lost” for about half of the most recent season; in the last episode we watched, the survivors had found the cameras mounted in all the stations across the island, and they

Exclusive Clip From Final Draft!

I know the name James Van Der Beek isn’t the first you associate with horror, but I have to admit the premise for Final Draft is intriguing enough to give him a go. The tale involves a writer who hole

Uwe Boll: The Legend Continues

"For decades, the Order of the Keepers of the Holy Flame has watched over the portal that once allowed demons to invade Aelfal. The ever-burning Holy Flame prevents another invasion - until one fatefu

Romero to Direct More Dead?

I bet George Romero wishes he could stay away from the dead for a while. Though the undisputed Zombie Master is enjoying yet another media flurry of attention on him, thanks to the fantastic reception Diary of the Dead received at TIFF, how long can you really go on making the dead come back to life? If the Weinsteins get what they want, at least once more.

*UPDATE* Magnolia Splits to Magnet

UPDATE: An exclusive over at Bloody Disgusting informs us that another film picked up by Magnolia may be filed under their new company, Magnet. The movie in question is Paddy Breathnach's Irish psyche

Talisman Halted Again

It is destiny. The Talisman is just not meant to be done. Maybe it’s time we let it go. Or am I being defeatist? The latest story in The Hollywood Reporter is just damn depressing, so I can’t help

Collective Gets Disgusting

It’s not often you wake up in the morning, check the trades like you’ve done everyday for years, and see the name of one of the genre’s biggest sites right there on the virtual front page of Variety.

Meet Victor Crowley!

After last weekend's turnout for Hatchet (review here) at the Arclight in Hollywood (the film grossed over $14,500 on that one screen alone) -- the theater is putting on another special event in honor

Spliced and Reviewed

Hot on the heels of this week's early news ("Brody to Splice" - September 2007) we learned thanks to a reader that film ick contributor Brendon posted a review today of Vincenzo Natali's script, Splic

Dreadtime Stories: Christopher Golden's Runaway

If you’re not familiar with the horrifically fantastical works of Christopher Golden you, my friend, are missing out. Neither a horror author nor a fantasy novelist, Golden is one of those rare wr