Dark Horse Vs. War Monkeys

Dark Horse Indie, despite having not exactly taken the genre world by storm thanks to their lengthy turnaround time in projects, have got behind a brand new one according to The Hollywood Reporter that I’m sure we’ll be hearing about for years to come much like My Name is Bruce and Driftwood

Outside for Overture

What are the three most important things in real estate? Location, lack of a doorway to a parallel dimension, and location. Any realtor will tell you the same. Perhaps the family at the center of

AVP Trailer Now Online!

Maybe there is a God after all... After Paul Anderson brutally raped my inner fanboy, the red-band trailer for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem has emerged onto IGN and seems to have done the impossibl

First Hatchet Theater Listings!

Finally! Adam Green’s old school American horror flick, Hatchet, is due to chop its way into cinemas on Friday, September 7th (that’s two weeks, FYI), but the question has always been: Which theaters? Anchor Bay has finally let the cat out of the bag snd unveiled the preliminary list for your eyeballs!

Censored Manhunt 2 Approved

I don’t know if this should be seen as good or bad news, but according to MCV, Manhunt 2 has finally received the M rating it needs to be able to find its way into stores and home video consoles afte

New Signal Teaser is Here!

On October 26th, Magnolia Pictures will be rolling a movie that has been making critics sit up and take notice at festivals for over a year now; The Signal (review), directed by the trio of David Bruc

New Blacksite Trailer & Screens

"The year of the shooter" some people are calling it... and not without good reason. Along with the big well-known titles in the genre coming to PCs and consoles this winter, you’ve got a number of le

Haunted Hill's Site is Now Live!

I may be alone in this, but I thought William Malone's House on Haunted Hill remake was actually good. I may be a huge Vincent Price fan, but Geoffrey Rush made the whole thing work out really well. T

Vernon Crew on #2

Eric from over at Bloody Good Horror sent us an e-mail today telling us that he was able to squeeze some information out about the possibility of a #2 from the Behind the Mask (review) crew. The ru

New P2 for You

Working late in an office building sucks, especially in downtown areas. The only thing between you and the crazies are the badly paided and often sexually underpriviliged security guards. On the upsid

Buried DVD Art is Alive

Developments regarding Buried Alive have been few and far between over the last year. Looking back we've only covered two articles about the direct-to-video project from FX-man Robert Kurtzman (Exclus

Polychrome Nabs Fallen Angels

Strange how a film like 13 Seconds (review) gets press all over the ‘net, but all has been silent for director Jeff Thomas’ follow-up feature, Fallen Angels (review) for a while now. Today, though

*UPDATE* New AVP Pic & Trailer

UPDATE: Maybe there is a God after all... After Paul Anderson brutally raped of my inner fanboy, the red-band trailer for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem has emerged onto IGN and seems to have done th

More Castlevania Figures!

Here are the goods that NECA promised us a scant few days ago (“NECA’s Castlevania Figures” – August 2007); the first pics of their Succubus and Dracula figures from the upcoming line of Castlevania toys. We’ll just show you the pics and throw you over to NECA’s official site for all the specs on the figures. Look for the first line of Castlevania toys in stores this October!

Exclusive NOTLD Doc Set Visit!

The tiny quiet city of Evans, Pennsylvania, looks like thousands of others in the nation. The rolling hills and lush belts of trees give the city a peaceful appearance, its serenity broken only by the