Host Snatches Some New Artwork

Not too long we told you about the ballsy Asian horror movie The Host (review) pulling out all the stops by jumping on every available DVD format right here. Though the news about the film having four different releases come July 24th is old, the cover art for the discs is not. Here is a rundown of what you will be able to find on each disc type:

Another Chance to See Wizard

Seems like more people wanted to see Jeremy Kasten’s redux of Wizard of Gore than even the man himself suspected, as they’ve added an additional screening of the film since the first two sold out.

Nightmare Alley Gets Weapons

This weekend the world's deadliest horror variety show, Nightmare Alley, collides with the lethal Weapons of Mosh Destruction tour. Featuring some of my favorite bands, Engorged, F.K.U. (Freddy Kruege


We just got word today that DVD distributor THINKFilm has recently announced a new film, GAG, that may be in the same vein as Saw. To be released on DVD October 23, GAG follows two professional thieve

Leslie Vernon's Hatchet Surprise

I cannot stress this enough ... join the Hatchet Army, make sure the film makes it to a theatre near you and for God's sake go see the damn thing! We hear the bitching all the time about PG-13 horror

Jane Enters a Dark Country

I’m telling you guys, Thomas Jane is a man we should all be looking up to as someone who has great plans for our genre. Along with starring in films like The Mist and creating his own production b

Kebbel Signs for Sisters

More casting news for the Tale of Two Sisters remake has landed in the trades today, and it’s hot. Namely, said casting is Arielle Kebbel (The Grudge 2), who has signed on as one of the two sisters mentioned in the film's title. And that, friends, is hot. Bit of a change from the original since the girls seemed much younger in that, but then Koreans never do show their age very accurately, do they?

Vacancy at Bates Motel

With everyone and their brother out there trying to redo horror that was already done right the first time, it's no surprise to me that someone finally got around to Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho.

Gosling Joins Bones

When I read The Lovely Bones recently, I have to admit this was not exactly the family I pictured in my head; but I guess the film is Peter Jackson’s vision, not mine. For now… Variety announced th

Dafoe Joins Daybreakers

Though we’ve known for a while that Ethan Hawke would be taking a lead role in the Sprierig Brother’s latest film, Daybreakers, today some even cooler casting was revealed.

Mandy Lane Trailer Makes You Crazy

Though we’re still not sure what the Weinsteins plan on doing with All the Boys Love Mandy Lane here in the US, our brothers in the UK will get a look at it come August 10th when it opens across their island nation. With the film so close of course that means there’s a trailer out there, and sure enough Empire Online got their hands on it today. I have to admit, though the movie’s been getting all sorts of praise from film festivals across the globe, Mandy Lane herself (Amber Heard) is reason enough to see this flick.

NECA's New Cult Classics Revealed

NECA has made a vow to make you drool uncontrollably EVERY OTHER DAY until San Diego Comic Con!!! Well, OK, they didn't make a vow of drool, but the rate at which they are pumping out new images of h

Born Poster Found

The other day we gave you the first news on Born, a new film coming our way from the pen of Clive Barker, the producing chair of Guilermo Del Toro and the direction of Dan Simpson (read it here). More info came down the wire today, so we shall keep our promise of keeping you guys in the loop.

Undead Motocross

The new movie from the makers of Zombies Gone Wild, a horror/comedy that Kryten Syxx loved almost as much as I love Ulli Lommel movies... Motocross Zombies From Hell! "Motocross racer Cody is on

Rogue Finds a Lost Squad

Rogue Pictures must either consist of a lot of hip motherfuckers making the decisions, or guys who just know a good pitch when they hear it. The studio that will (someday soon, we hope) be bringing yo