Hickox Takes Horror to the Edge

It's been a long time since director Anthony Hickox made a horror film, but man, has he delivered some good guilty pleasures. Hickox brought us films like Full Eclipse, Waxwork (still waiting for an unrated DVD of this gem; please anyone reading, if you have the power, get to work), and the third entry into the Hellraiser (an unrated DVD of this would be nice, too, please) franchise, which honestly I'd like to forget.

The Chill Comes Home

DVD Active got the first look at the DVD artwork for upcoming fright-fest Wind Chill, which stars Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes. Wind Chill tells the story of two college students who share a rid

I Know Who'd Like to Kill Her

Me, that's who. I hate all of the media's little princess whores. Paris, Nicole, Lindsey. You name them, I want to see them bound, gagged, and sacrificed to the dark gods. As a matter of fact, it p

Duckula's Third

He won't bite beast or man because he's a vegetarian! There's not a vampire zanier than Duckula! This is one great piece of 80s animation that somehow missed out on the whole nostalgia fad that has be

Get Rec'd in Spain

With American horror pretty much sucking for the last few years except for a couple of very bright spots here and there, audiences have been turning to the overseas market and hoping for some genuine

The Girl Next Door Emerges

Few books have set off more controversy than Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door (review here). When the announcement first came that it was being adapted for the big screen, the only thing I prayed

Death Sentence Art

Let's see, Dread's own Kyra Schon did a little movie called Night of the Living Dead, which was directed by George A. Romero, who frequently worked with Tom Savini, who did the effects for the origina

*UPDATE* New Spider Baby Hatches

*UPDATE* We just got in the cover art for the new Spider Baby DVD. Take a look to your right and there it is! *UPDATE* Today we received an e-mail from Elijah Drenner regarding a double dip of Jack

The NAFFA Fest Forces Unite!

Montreal's hallowed Fantasia Film Fest Austin, TX's Alamo Drafthouse's Fantastic Fest San Francisco, CA's new Dead Channels Film Fest On their own these three film celebrations are forces to

Doomsday Draws Near

Rogue Pictures sent us a few new scraps of information about The Descent director Neil Marshall's latest horror project, Doomsday. The film about a dreaded virus being unleashed and causing a city to

A Horror Gaming Flood Is Coming

E3 is well under way, and for us horror fans the news is coming fast and in large amounts. With every big announcement about Halo 3 or Mario comes a bunch of little ones geared towards us, the horror community. Just take a look at all these titles coming for the PC and all three next-gen consoles... Hellgate London

*UPDATE* Leslie Vernon On The Big Screen

*UPDATE* David Stieve let us know that Behind the Mask will be showing for more than just one day at the Orpheum Theater. Mr. Stieve added, "Just wanted to get you the updated info- the film itself wi

The Killing Floor Poster

Arrow In The Head was one of the first sites to put up a look at the new poster for the upcoming thriller The Killing Floor. THINKFilm acquired the DVD rights to the film last April, but there's bee

Invitation to a Murder Party!

Revolver Entertainment has announced the July 30th release of Murder Party on DVD. Revolver calls it "the most original horror movie of the year … Art School Confidential meets The Breakfast Club."

The Horrors of Fantasia: Day 5 & 6