Masters of Mash-Up!

The ultimate fate of the Masters of Horror series is still up in the air, but we all can still enjoy what it has already given us. Now the show is ready to hand out some prizes, and all you have to do

Exclusive: Golden Talks Baltimore!

I’m a huge fan of the Chris Golden/Mike Mignola novel Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire, which you can see by my review if you don’t believe me, so when it was announced that Dav

Fangoria Comics No More

Well, I can’t say this is all that surprising, but it’s still a little sad. The folks behind Fangoria Comics just sent out a press release announcing that Creative Entertainment has officially shu

Toronto After Dark Lineup!

The second annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, going down this October 19th-25th, has finally made the official announcement of its schedule, and it’s pretty damn cool if you ask me. Of inte

Midnight Meat Trailer, Take 2

Hey, remember the story we had a few days back about the trailer for Midnight Meat Train? It was on IGN then but apparently was put up too soon, so we were asked to take it down. Now it’s back, this t

Rock and Shock Film Schedule!

The other day we did a story letting you know about all the kickass guests and badass bands that’ll be featured at this year’s Rock and Shock in Worcester, MA. One thing we didn’t mention, though, was all the movies that are playing as well!

New Mist Poster, Pics

Though I knew it was too good to be true that the Weinstein Company would actually use a Drew Struzan-created poster to promote Frank Darabont’’s The Mist, I guess I was living in some form of denial

Orphange to Find Home With Oscar?

In a great bit of news that I’m sure has everyone involved walking around with a perma-grin, Daily Variety reports that J.A. Bayons’s The Orphanage has been selected by Spain to be their candidate for

Goyer to Helm Baltimore

Here’s a project we’ve been hearing rumblings about but had to keep quiet on until the I’s were dotted and the T’s crossed, and I’m very happy it happened sooner rather than later.

Black Devil Doll Sets His Site

In his never ending quest to deliver the beat down to punk ass tricks throughout the country, everyone's soon to be favorite militant killer doll has opened his official Black Devil Doll website!

Exclusive First Look: ScreamFest 07 Promo!

With California's largest horror film festival ScreamFest '07 quickly approaching, we've got your first look at the show's opening promo! Directed by Zeb DeSoto and starring Captain Rhodes himself,

Fall Terrors on TV

With Halloween just around the corner, and because we love you so fucking much, we figured we'd let you know about some cool things kicking around on the old tube! The Sci-Fi channel is continu

Don't Play with Broken DVDs

The horror DVDs are coming out left and right this month. This is a pretty exciting year, too, because many classics are finally getting the treatment they've needed for so long. Such was the case wit

Exclusive: Otis Set Visit!

“Honey, I love you. Now go get the power tools.”

Exclusive Saw IV Pic!

Following up on the two pics we showed you earlier today, the good folks at Lionsgate have sent along an exclusive new pic from Saw IV; a very creepy looking silhouette of someone who is likely not go