Skinwalkers Rated, Moved

Man, I really don’t get the issue with getting a freaking werewolf movie out to the masses these days. Well, at least one that doesn’t involve magical teens who turn into wolves. Ugh. Of course Sk

Pulse Sequels Details

Not that I feel it’s anything to be ashamed of, but I’ve never seen the remake of Kyoshi Kurosawa’s brilliant ghost film Pulse, which according to most was one of the worst atrocities of this whole Asian remake trend. So I don’t feel like I missed much.

The Horrors of Fantasia: Day 14 &15

Stitcher Weaves His Way Home

Low budget slasher flicks released direct-to-video really are a dime a dozen so I'm not really sure what it is about The Stitcher that peaks my interest. Perhaps it's the killer's button fetish or his

Hi-Resident Evil

Remember when we told you about NECA's new Resident Evil line of action figures here and back here? Those pictures were great and all but they don't hold a candle to the one's we got fresh in the mail

Zombie Wolverine on the Rampage!

Wolverine is "the best he is at what he does" including killing his former super hero colleagues, taking out Galactus and eating half the brains left in New York! Based on the hugely successful Marve

Myrick's Objective Reached

Today we got a heads up from our fiend in Finland with the word that Daniel Myrick’s latest film, The Objective, has officially entered the post-production stage. Myrick, you may recall, was co-di

More Troll Redux Details

I’m sorry, I love the man’s work as much as the next guy, but how did John Carl Buechler manage to get the kind of budget to remake his 1986 film Troll on the scale of The Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia?

Mother of Tears Poster, Trailer

Now this is just a damn fine teaser trailer, right here. Yahoo! Movies Italy got the first look at the Mother of Tears poster and trailer, both of which kick copious forms of ass.

Top Cow's Unholy Union Preview!

Jackie Estacado is head of a major crime family in New York City. He’s also The Darkness, in possession of the ability to make creatures out of a black, writhing force he inherited. Some would say Th

Fox Nabs Vampire Trilogy

Whenever I hear about a company like Fox picking up a trilogy of books these days, especially vampire books, for some reason I usually think they’re going to be books written for young adults, or YA n

Motocross Zombies Unleashed

I first reported on this not too long ago (specifically here) when at the time there was little to go on aside from the outlandish notion of this film's very existence. Today I can share with you artw

RIP Sherman Torgan

Sherman Torgan was like Hollywood's rock. An industry staple if you will. Ever the showman, he founded and ran the last remaining full-time revival theatre in Los Angeles, The New Beverly Cinema, whic

New Recon Teaser

A little less than a hour ago the new film by Christian Veil, director of Samhain and Deaden to name a few, made its world wide debut at Fantasia 2007. It’s too early for us to know the reaction,

Gusack to Hold George Captive

Melissa George needs two things as soon as possible (three if you include me); about half a dozen hamburgers and better friends to advise her where to hang out. Moviehole has discovered that the T