NECA Packages its Nightmares

Today NECA released images of the complete lineup of the upcoming sixth series of their Nightmare Before Christmas action figures in their respective packaging. The full article can be found on thei

Digital Video Disturbia

Hold on to your collective asses; I'm about to make a statement here -- PG13 horror can actually be good if handled the right way! The surprisingly entertaining Disturbia (review here) is set to ma

Rue Morgue Turns 70!

Either The Asylum is getting way more attention than they deserve from someone other than The Foywonder, or Rue Morgue is really slumming it this month. A feature interview with David Michael Latt

Toronto Goes Mad for Midnight!

Oh, man, that’s two trips to Toronto I need to take this year, neither of which I can afford. First Argento goes to Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear, now the Toronto International Film Festival has annou

Cthulhu on the Move

Been a long time since we’ve heard any peeps out of the folks behind the Tori Spelling starrer Cthulhu, but today they started chirping very loudly, indeed, so we took notice. Over at Arrow in the

DVD Release List: The Squad is Loose!

Here's what to get and what to avoid come Tuesday, July 24th, 2007... Blown (2005) Directed by David C. Hayes

Exclusive: New Lovecraft Doc!

This weekend we got the word about a very cool new documentary in the works about Rhode Island’s favorite son, Mr. Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Harryhausen With Pit @ SDCC!

We’ve been trying to keep you all up to date on the goings-on with the stop motion animated Pit and Pendulum short film (review), which last told you about here, so sinc it's been a while consider thi

The Horrors of Fantasia: Day 16 & 17

Friday started off with Zoo, a documentary about guys who like to have sex with horses. In my book that constitutes a horror film. At the very least that’s some pretty transgressive behavior, dese

West in the Doghouse

Jake West is finally moving on to his next project, after his Pumpkinhead sequel failed to do much of anything but make people want to watch the original again, according to STYD.

Hallmark Gets a Shark Swarm!

Over the weekend a reader dropped us a line with a heads-up about a new film being shot for The Hallmark Channel, of all places, that really sounds like it might be the shark movie we’ve all been waiting for. Seriously.

Director Gets New Witch Mountain

Why are they redoing Escape to Witch Mountain? I’ve not seen the film in years, but I clearly remember enjoying it a lot when I did see it, being a good mix off dark elements and kid’s adventure film

Rock Hard With A New Contest!

Shocker Toys hits San Diego Comic Con July 25 through the 29th at booth #4517 in the 4500 aisle, packed with prototypes for their Metalocalypse, GWAR and Indie Spotlight lines, among other things. Al

Trick 'r Treat Trailer!

All right, now this is cool. The trailer for Trick ‘r Treat, the first film from Superman writer Michael Dougherty, has found it’s way online via IESB. Even Dougherty himself isn’t sure how it happene

Skinwalkers Rated, Moved

Man, I really don’t get the issue with getting a freaking werewolf movie out to the masses these days. Well, at least one that doesn’t involve magical teens who turn into wolves. Ugh. Of course Sk