Barker on Gone, Blues & More!

Did you know that in just under two months, we’ll be able to go out and buy a new book from Clive Barker? Do you know how long it’s been since that’s happened? The book is Mister B. Gone (pre-orde

Stone House Wraps, Plot Revealed

With Alex (Dead Birds) Turner’s next film, The Stone House, now having wrapped shooting, we’re only a little closer to understanding what the film is about then we did the last time we reported on it (“Turner Clarifies Stone House”).

Redsin Comes to DVD

I know there’s a lot of you out there who are curious about Toe Tag Picture’s first non-August Underground movie, Redsin Tower (review), but haven’t had a chance to satiate said curiosity by actually

Todd to Direct Eerrie, PA

Late last week Tony Todd, best known for his role in Candyman, visited my home town of Erie, Pennsylvania. During his trip Todd joined the Eerie Horror Film Festival at the Millcreek Mall to spend tim

The Next Miss Horrorfest?

OK all you Dreadites, it's time to make your voices heard once more. The other night yours truly went and assisted Bay Area horror goddess Shannon Lark shoot her entry for this year's Miss Horrorfest

Mulberry Street is To Die For!

Now this just makes me happy. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about the lineup for this year’s After Dark Horrorfest (running November 9th-18th this year) since I’ve not seen either of the fi

Lee Discuss Urbane, New Projects

How frustrating it must be to be Frazer Lee. Never heard of him? There’s a source of frustration right there… To date the mans has done two shorts; “Red Lines” and “On Edge”, which American audienc

Saw IV Autopsy Clip is Back!

Why would Lionsgate take the clip away from one place and place it on a social video site? No idea, but the point is you can now see the “Autopsy” clip that was on Fearnet for about 2 hours the other

S-Mart & Krishna Sexy!

We know you’ve seen him before, but just not this sexified. NECA have released official pics of their upcoming S-Mart Ash figure from Cult Classics Series 6! Check out the pics below and hit up NECA’s

Roll Call of Thanksgiving Dead

If you like low budget zombie movies, then this is going to be a November to dismember (editor's note: ugh) for you with a new direct-to-DVD zombie flick getting released every week of the month. Now

Sundance is Far Out

Sometimes, it’s nice to get a little validation ... Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Just this past March, we told you how amazing Phil Mucci’s sophomore short "Far Out" (review) was. Well, it seems

Evilution is Live!

Got a heads up today that, in addition to all the Basement Jack info we gave you, another Black Gate Entertainment picture, Evilution, is also online now. The film is about an alien parasite who c

Viggo Joins The Road

Word on the street is that apocalypse films are definitely "in" at the moment.

Funny Games Remake Trailer

Though I’ve never seen Michael Haneke’s original Funny Games, I have heard a lot of good stuff about it so its cool that he agreed to remake it for Warner Bros. with a bigger budget and more control.

Trio Joins Haunting

Ghosts are always good fodder for getting those who are on the cusp of being horror fans into theaters, and setting a film in Connecticut only helps, since most people find that state to be so harmless. I just wish Gold Circle would get a less generic title...