NYCHFF's 30 Days of Hostel

The New York Horror Film Festival may only run from October 24th through the 28th, that doesn't mean there's nothing to do before then if you're in the Big Apple. The NYCHFF sent over a press relea

Second Coming for Delivery Director

Though I can’t imagine it’s easy to follow up the creation of a whole new sub-genre of slasher films, the killer pizza delivery guy, director Jose Zambrano Cassella has just wrapped production on his

Dinner for Fiends: A Wrong Turn?

We’re always trying to find new ways to make Dinner for Fiends more entertaining for you guys. We thought about all doing it in the nude then realized that you A) can’t see us and B) wouldn’t want to,

A Look at Dexter

Everyone’s favorite serial killer kicked off his comeback last night. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is still struggling to balance his life as blood spatter analyst and beau of the lovely Rita (Juli

Bassett to Helm Solomon Kane

Michael Bassett has suddenly gone from direct-to-video director to helming a potentially epic series based on character created by Conan writer Robert E. Howard. Not a bad move if you can make it!

Feast Sequel Plot Revealed

Been wondering night and day just what the Feast sequels will be about? How Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton could possibly top the fun of the first film, not to mention stretch it into another movie

Friday Redux Writers Official

Not that this can really be considered “news” since it was reported weeks ago, but it is an official confirmation, which is never a bad thing. The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Platinum

Brood Next on the Remake Block

No. Don’t do this. Please. Leave Cronenberg’s work alone! Take me if you have to!

30 Days Screening Q&A

Hungry for more 30 Days of Night (review here) news? We know you are and as a result have something for you to sink your teeth into. After the first screening in Los Angeles a question and answer s

Exclusive Wrong Turn 2 Commentary Coming!

You know, sometimes we get to offer you guys even cooler shit than we ever thought that we could. This is one of those times! Dread Central in association with Fox Home Entertainment are set to b

Icebat Has a Secret

A new member has joined the Ugly Dolls family. Please welcome Secret Mission Icebat with warm hearts, blood and plenty of candy! The less than attractive plush baddies can be purcahsed right here. Br

Knock Knock Nears Distro

Knock Knock: Definitely not the most terror-inspiring title I’ve ever heard for a horror film, but advance word on the sophomore effort from director Joe Ariola has been pretty damn good. While on

Winston Climbs a Black Mountain

A Monster in the woods. Been a while since we had one of those kinds of movies, eh? And I don’t mean mutated mountain people, either, I mean a monster. Specifically, a monster created by Stan Winston. Now that's something to look forward to!

Screamfest 2007 Lineup!

No reason to beat around the proverbial bush; LA’s Screamfest (October 12th-20th) has announced their lineup of badass horror for 2007, and you can check it out below! If you’re going out the fest be sure to look for the freaks with Dread Central apparel on; they’re with us! Friday, October 12th Opening Night Film Time 7:30 - Diary of the Dead Saturday, October 13th

[REC] Trailer is Here

The guys over at Aullidos have been providing a stead stream of info regarding the upcoming Juame (The Darkness) Balaguero/Paco (Romasanta) Plaza collaboration, [REC], which today culminated with thei