Eerie Fest Schedule Announced

The Northeast's largest horror film event, The Eerie Horror Film Festival, has just announced its official line-up, and wow is this fest set to kick a copious amount of ass! Let's take a look at the gory goods, shall we? For exact showtimes and more make sure you click the link above! Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Sitges 2007 Films Announced

You know what really sucks the most about Sitges for me? I know people who live pretty much walking distance from the festival so I’d have a place to stay if and when the Gods of Finance ever smiled u

P2 Poster!

I’ve heard some damn good things about the new parking-garage set horror film P2 from the few who have gotten a chance to see it, and these are guys whose opinion I trust. Though you might not think i

Release the Devil Hound

I first stumbled upon word of this Synthetic Cinema production some months back under its original title Lycan and really wasn't sure to make of it even then. It looked ... Well, let me refer to you t

Burrowers Webisodes Confirmed

Man, Fearnet must be doing pretty damn good with their webisode series they’ve been churning out recently, cause they just keep piling on more. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news (“Burrowin

4 Nights of Anime Frights

NCM Fathom, the entertainment division of National CineMedia, takes an unprecedented move in alternative theatre entertainment by announcing a special, four-day anime festival - "Anime Bento, 4 Nights

Legion of Michael Winners Announced!

All good things must come to an end and thus The Legion of Michael contest has drawn to a close. We sifted through hundreds of photos here at Dread Central and finally picked a winner! While all t

Near Dark Takes a Bayer

Platinum Dunes just won't stop. The remake kings aren't slowing down, which is a good thing if you were looking forward to the MIA remake of Near Dark Bloody Disgusting laid down the official word

Friday is Still Coming!

Today we got a mixed bag of news regarding the Friday the 13th series. The bad side of this is that Platinum Dunes is still attached to the pic. However, the good news is that the next installment of

Another Joy Ride?

Joy Ride was one of those films that came out, got ignored in theaters, and found its life through word-of-mouth when it hit DVD. I always thought it was a damn good film, personally, with enough mixt

Final [REC] Poster!

Check out this sexiness; those cool guys over at Aullidos got their hands on the final poster for the Paco Plaza/Jaume Balaguero collaboration, [REC], which will be making its premiere at this year’s

Golden Hits Beantown

With college back in full swing (believe me, I can’t go anywhere without remembering), it’s time for authors to crawl out of their caves and come on out to see he unwashed masses yet again.

Silent Hill 5 in Motion

Poking around on YouTube I found a few short videos of the eagerly awaited Silent Hill 5 coming from Konami and The Collective, the same developers of the original Buffy game.

Tooth & Nail Goes to Screamfest!

Well, the first film for this year’s Screamfest in Los Angeles, and it didn’t even come from the Screamfest camp! Director Mark Young just sent out a press release with the great news that his latest feature, Tooth & Nail, has been chosen to make its worldwide premiere at Screamfest 2007, which goes down at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood this October 12th-21st!

DVD Releases: Sounds Like Death

Another big list of digital goodness for Tuesday, September 18th, 2007... Alligator (1980) Directed by Lewis Teague Now this, fiends and neighbors, is what a giant monster movie should be. Or i