Rodriguez Gets Fragile

You may have never seen anything Eduardo Sanchez has done yet, but that’s because he’s only helmed one movie that’s apparently having a bitch of a time getting released here in the states. Said m

Hellraiser Remake Finds Directors?

It's been a long while since last we heard about the possibility of a remake of the Clive Barker classic, Hellraiser. As a result we all breathed a sigh of relief that maybe someone wouldn't be tinker

Echo Poster Found

Yam Laranas is remaking his own movie, The Echo, for Vertigo Entertainment and it looks like the film might be done sooner than we thought. The folks at Upcoming Horror Movies stumbled upon a teas

Mister B. Gone Arrives

STYD received an e-mail from a mysterious person named Jackabok Botch who warned them, "Do not play or post this video. I can't explain why. We don't have time. Believe me, friend, you'll regret the c

Evil City Lights Up Tomorrow!

It seems like every week now, we find out about another film festival or event! Who said there was nothing good to do after the summer. Check out the Evil City Film Fest, born and bred in the East Vil

Romero Visits Staunton Hill

Fangoria has received word that George's son Cameron Romero has started shooting a new horror film in Pittsburgh, PA. with the help of Batpack Studios. The movie in question, Staunton Hill, is about some hitchhikers who come into contact with the less than friendly Staunton Family.

Twilight Falls on Hardwicke

It looks like another young readers series is about to hit the silver screen. This time, let's hope the filmmakers don't go all Underworld on us ... like what happened to a certain werewolf book. V

Fear Fest Additions Galore!

We’ve been telling you all about Rock and Shock (which goes down next weekend!) and Shock it to Me, among other fests, but it's been a while since we gave you any updates on our very own (well, with P

Get Shocked This Weekend!

Remember to get down to the Castro Theater in San Francisco this weekend for the Shock It To Me horror film festival. I'm dropping this reminder because this is just too damned good to miss! It starts

Haig Finally in the Director's Chair!

Oracle Pictures, Blue Brick Productions and actor/director Sid Haig are delighted to announce Sid’s feature film directorial debut! The film, entitled Last Door, has already been in pre-production for

Jigsaw on MySpace

The game is not over ... it has only begun ... Click here to check out a Saw IV video that was posted exclusively to MySpace, in which Jigsaw gives you the first of what could be many clues...

Brotherhood Goes to Spain!

Big congrats have to be sent out to Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer whose first directorial effort together, Brotherhood of Blood will be making its world premiere at the prestigious Sitges Film Festival in Catalonia, Spain!

What Lurks in Dead Space?

In space no one can hear infected humans ripping off your limbs! Such is the case in the new sci-fi/horror game from EA - Dead Space. Due to hit stores sometime late 2008, Dead Space is "set in the

Exclusive Hallowed Ground Clip!

We just got our dirt-encrusted hands all over an exclusive clip from the upcoming direct-to-DVD horror title Hallowed Ground, which hits shelves on October 9th (pre-order it through Evilshop here). Ch

Garcia Helms a Slaughter

Been a while since we did any news regarding the Slamdance-winning screenplay Slaughter (“Slamdance Winner Rolls” – March 2007), but a lot has happened since. Today it was announced via The Hollyw