Saw is Not Celeb Friendly

Those lucky bastards across the pond in the U.K. have been granted a special SAW IV site called Chamber of Torture! Why it first came out over there and not here is puzzling because of the site's content.

Reshooting Evil Dead

Sam Raimi's Evil Dead is being prepped for reshoots ... in comic book form. Close call, eh? I was going to say George Lucas was brought on board to add lots of high-priced CGI, but that joke may be old.

Final I Am Legend Poster

Check it out; Warner Bros. just released the final poster for the Will Smith-starrer I Am Legend, the third adaptation of the Richard Matheson novel of the same name. Due out on December 14th, you can check out the I Am Legend teaser trailer in Video Dread to see one of their better marketing tactics! - Johnny Butane

Exclusive Pics From Scourge!

I do have to say I have a soft spot for monster movies. It’s the kid in me, really. You could have the most boring premise in the world but as soon as the word “monster” is uttered, you’ve got my attention. Thus the reason I took note of a press release we got this past weekend for a new film called Scourge, directed by Sasquatch and Ripper II helmer Jonas Quastel.

New Trigger Man Poster, Screening Dates!

It's been a while since we heard about Ti West’s follow-up to The Roost, the survival horror/action flick Trigger Man, so let’s catch up now, shall we?

Xombie Producers Found Alive

It's a very strange world out there. These days everyone wants to create something episodic, a concept that will keep people coming back week after week to learn more about the characters; and more and more they’re doing it without any sort of studio backing, an idea that was unheard of just a decade ago. Gotta love the Internet!

A Deeper Look Into Dead Space

Just the other week EA unveiled its return to horror after a long time away from our beloved genre with the announcement of Dead Space, and you’d be forgiven for skimming over the news and forgetting about it.

Bernsen Talks Dead Air, New Horror

Who would have ever thought Corbin Bernsen would be making such a name for himself in horror? And I mean ever?

New Wristcutters Poster, Video

I’m still trying to figure out if there are enough genre elements to Wristcutters: A Love Story to warrant it being mentioned on Dread; I mean, it does have to do with death and takes place in the afterlife, so that's gotta count for something, right?

HorrorClix Digest #1

Over the next couple weeks we are going to be taking a closer look into WizKids' world of HorrorClix, the newest spin-off of their HeroClix gaming line. But first, let's get you all acquainted with what the whole Clix thing is about.

Stillborn for Jennifer Connelly

I miss claymation, but what I miss more is stop-motion being used in horror films. Why can't we have little clay figures coming to life and murdering people again? Well, we could have had something similar to that with Born. It's the story of a married couple who move to England. The husband is a claymation artist who uses the local area's red clay to make his models. All would be jolly if those damn tiny sculptures wouldn't keep coming to life...

Dylan Dog is Superman?!

The fellows over at Comic Book Resources got wind of the news regarding who would be playing the lead role in a big screen version of the Italian comic book Dylan Dog. News of the casting was leaked to the Lying in the Gutters column of the site.

Full Moon Over Arkansas

As if there wasn't already enough going on in October! One of our eagle-eyed readers sent over the news that Green Grass Entertainment is putting on Arkansas' first Full Moon Horror Convention and Film Festival to be held at the Statehouse Convention Center and Market Street Cinema from October 26th through 28th, 2007, in Little Rock.

Huge Fear Fest Additions!

So it was longer than we expected, but finally the site is to the point where I can throw another Fear Fest 2 update at you guys, and you’re going to love the new guests we’ve added!

Alphabet Killer Caught?

How often have you heard about a film based on a real series of killing actually helping to solve the crime? This is a first time for me...