Another Joy Ride?

Joy Ride was one of those films that came out, got ignored in theaters, and found its life through word-of-mouth when it hit DVD. I always thought it was a damn good film, personally, with enough mixt

Final [REC] Poster!

Check out this sexiness; those cool guys over at Aullidos got their hands on the final poster for the Paco Plaza/Jaume Balaguero collaboration, [REC], which will be making its premiere at this year’s

Golden Hits Beantown

With college back in full swing (believe me, I can’t go anywhere without remembering), it’s time for authors to crawl out of their caves and come on out to see he unwashed masses yet again.

Silent Hill 5 in Motion

Poking around on YouTube I found a few short videos of the eagerly awaited Silent Hill 5 coming from Konami and The Collective, the same developers of the original Buffy game.

Tooth & Nail Goes to Screamfest!

Well, the first film for this year’s Screamfest in Los Angeles, and it didn’t even come from the Screamfest camp! Director Mark Young just sent out a press release with the great news that his latest feature, Tooth & Nail, has been chosen to make its worldwide premiere at Screamfest 2007, which goes down at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood this October 12th-21st!

DVD Releases: Sounds Like Death

Another big list of digital goodness for Tuesday, September 18th, 2007... Alligator (1980) Directed by Lewis Teague Now this, fiends and neighbors, is what a giant monster movie should be. Or i

Barker on Gone, Blues & More!

Did you know that in just under two months, we’ll be able to go out and buy a new book from Clive Barker? Do you know how long it’s been since that’s happened? The book is Mister B. Gone (pre-orde

Stone House Wraps, Plot Revealed

With Alex (Dead Birds) Turner’s next film, The Stone House, now having wrapped shooting, we’re only a little closer to understanding what the film is about then we did the last time we reported on it (“Turner Clarifies Stone House”).

Redsin Comes to DVD

I know there’s a lot of you out there who are curious about Toe Tag Picture’s first non-August Underground movie, Redsin Tower (review), but haven’t had a chance to satiate said curiosity by actually

Todd to Direct Eerrie, PA

Late last week Tony Todd, best known for his role in Candyman, visited my home town of Erie, Pennsylvania. During his trip Todd joined the Eerie Horror Film Festival at the Millcreek Mall to spend tim

The Next Miss Horrorfest?

OK all you Dreadites, it's time to make your voices heard once more. The other night yours truly went and assisted Bay Area horror goddess Shannon Lark shoot her entry for this year's Miss Horrorfest

Mulberry Street is To Die For!

Now this just makes me happy. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about the lineup for this year’s After Dark Horrorfest (running November 9th-18th this year) since I’ve not seen either of the fi

Lee Discuss Urbane, New Projects

How frustrating it must be to be Frazer Lee. Never heard of him? There’s a source of frustration right there… To date the mans has done two shorts; “Red Lines” and “On Edge”, which American audienc

Saw IV Autopsy Clip is Back!

Why would Lionsgate take the clip away from one place and place it on a social video site? No idea, but the point is you can now see the “Autopsy” clip that was on Fearnet for about 2 hours the other

S-Mart & Krishna Sexy!

We know you’ve seen him before, but just not this sexified. NECA have released official pics of their upcoming S-Mart Ash figure from Cult Classics Series 6! Check out the pics below and hit up NECA’s