Dunes End Summer, Carpenter Back!

Perhaps fearing another Hitcher incident (I refuse to believe that movie was successful), Platinum Dunes is expanding its horizons with another original screenplay being brought to the door by the fol

Avary Goes to Wolfenstein

I guess if we can have a movie based on Doom, a movie that had little or nothing to do with the actual game, it’s only fair we get one based on its predecessor, Wolfenstein, right? Variety reports

Clips on Haunted Hill

William Castle's The House on Haunted Hill is the quintessential haunted house flick for its time. It had it all -- severed heads, spooky hands peeking ominously out from behind a curtain, vats of aci

Season of the Remake?

George A. Romero. The godfather of our genre. His body of work is the stuff of legend. Some of his films have changed our lives. While surely not a Hollywood friendly, Romero has always done things hi

Trailer Trashed

There was a lot to like about Grindhouse. Simply put, it was one of the most enjoyable film experiences I've had in what seems like ages. Everything about it was pure cinema magic including the moc

Broken, Rise & More DVD News!

Finally, some good news is coming from Dimension Extreme regarding the Adam Mason/Simon Boyle-helmed UK horror film, Broken (review). Though we’ve know for a while that Dimension had the movie and

Eight Clips from Death Sentence!

Yes, I know James Wan’s latest, Death Sentence, isn’t a horror movie. At least not in the traditional sense. But it does have Kevin Bacon out for revenge, and because it's Wan you know there’s going t

Yet More 30 Days Pics

Just got a heads up from those scary German guys over at Blair Witch.de that they’ve been provided with some equally scary new pics from David Slade’s 30 Days of Night, the vampire flick that just mig

Hensleigh's Jungle Comes Home?

How strange that Jonathan Hensleigh would go from something fairly high profile like The Punisher to something like Welcome to the Jungle, a horror movie that doesn’t even have an IMDB listing. Ac

The Monster Squad Video Interviews!

As if you hadn’t heard enough about The Monster Squad DVD release (and trust me, you haven’t), our Comic Con crew got the ears of pretty much everyone who had anything to do with the original while pa

Meet the Last of the Living

Man, I don’t know if it’s something in the water or what, but there are all sorts of good things coming out of New Zealand these days for horror fans. Perhaps Peter Jackson deserves a big juicy thanks

Halloween for Devil's Due

How weird is this? Yesterday I was tossing some ideas for comics back and forth with a friend of the site, and one had to do with Halloween. Then, out of nowhere, Devil’s Due announced a line of Hallo

Boll Sued for... A Website?

Of all the things for Uwe Boll to get sued for, who would’ve thought that the first lawsuit brought against him would be for a website? As ridiculous as it sounds, such is the case. The New York P

Night of the Living ... Jews?!

You know sometimes when doing this job something comes to my attention that makes me remember why I love this genre. It's just so fucking out there. Take the subject of this story for instance, a litt

Cartel Nuevo Para El Orfanato

We last told you about the new Guillermo del Toro-produced horror film The Orphanage (aka El Orfanato) here --> (Orphanage Poster, Trailer Found -- March 09, 2007). Well it's been a few months and