Deadly Friends & Horror Hoods

With all the DVD news Fangoria got today, why didn’t they just put it all in one story and save themselves some time? I always gotta think of stuff first. The first bit of news is that the Wilmer

Descent Given a 2

Well, we know nothing about it save that it’s being handled by the same production house, but apparently something is happening for the sequel to Neil Marshall’s badass horror film The Descent. ST

Petty Loves His Monsters

Maybe I’m just weird, but if I were in a situation in which I had to face the very real possibility of being eaten alive by nasty underground creatures, I think I would be at peace with that.

Hell's Ground Trailer

Want to see something insane? Check out the trailer for Hell’s Ground (review), one of the most talked about flicks of this year’s Fantasia Film Festival, courtesy of TerrorFeed. Sure it might look so

Burning Art, Date

It’s odd; I was just talking to Michael Felsher, owner of Red Shirt Pictures who make badass DVD featurettes for discs like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Monster Squad, and we were pondering how

Wallace in the Dark 2

Ah, damnit. Dee Wallace (listen to our Halloween: Then and Now interview with her!) is at that strange point in her career where she could very easily fall into a lot of crap roles if she’s not carefu

McFarlane Still Talking Spawn 2

Seems like someone like Todd McFarlane should really not have this much of an issue getting a movie made these days, but such is not the case. Movie making is hard for anyone, even if they’re rolling

WB Ressurects Mr. Hex

When you have a character named Jonah Hex, you really can’t make it without some supernatural elements, can you? I mean, the name itself implies magic in its most wicked form.

Jay Gets Eerie!

The Northeast's scariest film show just got a little more crazy! The Eerie Horror Film Festival has announced that actor Jason Mewes will be appearing at their annual event in October to support h

NECA Packages its Nightmares

Today NECA released images of the complete lineup of the upcoming sixth series of their Nightmare Before Christmas action figures in their respective packaging. The full article can be found on thei

Digital Video Disturbia

Hold on to your collective asses; I'm about to make a statement here -- PG13 horror can actually be good if handled the right way! The surprisingly entertaining Disturbia (review here) is set to ma

Rue Morgue Turns 70!

Either The Asylum is getting way more attention than they deserve from someone other than The Foywonder, or Rue Morgue is really slumming it this month. A feature interview with David Michael Latt

Toronto Goes Mad for Midnight!

Oh, man, that’s two trips to Toronto I need to take this year, neither of which I can afford. First Argento goes to Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear, now the Toronto International Film Festival has annou

Cthulhu on the Move

Been a long time since we’ve heard any peeps out of the folks behind the Tori Spelling starrer Cthulhu, but today they started chirping very loudly, indeed, so we took notice. Over at Arrow in the

DVD Release List: The Squad is Loose!

Here's what to get and what to avoid come Tuesday, July 24th, 2007... Blown (2005) Directed by David C. Hayes