Mulcahy Finds Zen

Wow, fromRazorbackto massive box office success with a decent Resident Evil entry; I bet it’s a good time to be Russell Mulcahy right now! The RE: Extinction (review) helmer is now attached to the

Calling All R.I. Screamwriters!

We recently received word from Ryan Murphy of ScareRI about a very cool sounding event being held this coming weekend in Providence, Rhode Island.

Bolling for Zombies

It seems Uwe Boll is all of sudden beginning to stock up on the rights to video games to adapt into films in much the same manner that a chipmunk hordes nuts for the winter. When I conducted my aud

Bart Gets Horrific!

The folks at Toy2R just gave Dread Central a look at all the cool Bart Simpson Qees that will be in the upcoming Bart Simpson Horror Assortment, which hits stores next month. Check ‘em out!

Wrong Turn 2 Goes to Spain!

Just got the good news from consummate badass Joe Lynch that his debut film, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (review) has been accepted into the prestigious Sitges Film Festival!

Rock and Shock Rundown!

Only a few short weeks before Rock and Shock takes over the small town of Worcester, MA, and since this is pretty much our favorite convention of the year, aside from our own Fear Fest of course, I wa

Poster for The Oxford Murders

The Oxford Murders has been out there a while with nary an update done for it, the last one we had from the beginning of the year (

Dark Sky Unleashes a Plague

Ah, don’t know how we kept missing this one, especially since Dark Sky Films is easily one of the coolest DVD distributors out there now.

Babies and Straw

Are creepy baby dolls and evil spiritual forces your bag? If so then get on over to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon on the 7th of October to catch the world premiere of Wishbaby.

Dragon Wars 2 in 2009

KBS Global, a Korean news outlet, reported today that D-Wars (review) director Shim Hyung-rae announced during a news conference that he’s been approached to direct a sequel to the Korean blockbuster.

UPDATE! 4th & 5th Films to Die For!

**UPDATE! Bloody Disgusting has confirmed the additon of Frontieres and also learned that Matt Leuttwyler's Unearthed has joined the fest as well!** Just got a heads up from a reader who wishes to

Pioneer Offers Two Chances to Howl

Man, sometimes I wish I were just a bit closer to New York City. The Pioneer Theater, in conjunction with Fangoria Magazine, has just announced a very badass movie marathon that will be going down

Miss Horrorfest Official!

Well, we’ve already given you an idea of who to vote for in this year’s Miss Horrorfest (“The Next Miss Horrrorfest?” – September 2007) and even though we tend to stick to our guns on such things, it’

Alone in the Dark 2 Wrapped

Though I still can’t say it’s exactly what we wanted nor asked for, I’m holding out hope that the Michael Roesch/Peter Scheerer-helmed Alone in the Dark 2 can at the very least help us forget there wa

Witchcraft the 13th

If you loved: Witchcraft Witchcraft II: The Temptress Witchcraft III: The Kiss of Death Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil Witchcraft VI: The Devil's Mistress