Halloween Character Pics

To see that Rob Zombie is so happy with his update of John Carpenter’s Halloween warms the cockles a bit, doesn’t it? Nothing’s going on studio-side, so the man decides to sit down and put together so

Exclusive: Thirsty Pics and News!

We first told you about the film adaption of the Joe Knetter story, Thirsty (story here) just a couple of weeks ago and holy shit do we have more for ya!

The Horrors of Fantasia: Day 12 & 13

Big Book of Guts

Sorry we’re a bit behind on this; still playing catch-up from being out for a week (I know, poor me, had to see movies for a whole week). We got a heads up on Friday that photographer Tim Palen’s f

Flight of the Living Dead Art

Though it might quite possibly be the worst re-titling in history, I still have to recommend you all get out there and rent/buy Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (review, formerly called

Now They're Remaking Troll?

I believe if you check the "movies in need of a remake" meter you will find Troll sandwiched rather low down the scale somewhere between Eddie Macon's Run and Ratboy. But Bloody Disgusting is reporting an exclusive - a remake of the Charles Band-produced/John Carl Buechler-directed 1986 campy horror flick Troll is in the works.

Saw Franchise Rolls On...

Hey there, kids, can you say hella-lame? I can! For the love of God the joke wasn’t funny when they decided to do a Saw IV, though admittedly I’m willing to give that one a chance. But two more? Se

Moving Monsters

While I’m just as excited as the next guy to see how James Cameron follows up the untouchable success of Titanic with his 3D live action/CG hybrid Aavatar, luckily I won’t have to miss it opening weekend because its competition just moved out of the way.

Johnny Legs is Happening

Much like when he jumped on board the last Romero zombie movie, Land of the Dead, I really don’t get the appeal of John Leguizamo. So I guess it’s good I’m not a casting agent, then. Variety is re

Jason And Mother Return

About 6 months ago I told you about a fan made Friday the 13th film, here, that was in production. As of last Friday the project was finally ready to be revealed to the public, and the best part is it

Halloween Comes Early From MGM

We got an e-mail in from our buddy Elijah that pointed us to DVD Drive-In where a heap of new art DVD was waiting. It looks like MGM is going to starting turning out more of the Midnight Movies collec

Fear Fest 2 Date & Location!

It’s been pretty calm since last March when it comes to us and Fear Fest, hasn’t it? I mean, last year we were talking about it almost non-stop for six months, and since the first one happened, we’ve

End of the Line Round the World

One of my favorite films of the weeks worth I got to check out at Fantasia was Maurice Deveraux’s End of the Line (review), which was also one of the biggest surprises considering some of Maruice’s ea

Quick Bit of REC

Man it just ain’t right that all the info out there for the Juame Balaguero/Paco Plaza team up [REC] is coming out in Spanish. Not that I have a problem with the language, but why can’t we get some co

Horror on Your Xbox!

I know, I know, your Xbox 360 isn’t exactly the first place you go to check out the latest horror releases. In fact, it’s probably still not your primary destination for downloadable movies, despite t