The Drainer Invades YouTube!

Friend of the site Eric Kapitan's new short film The Drainer has just shown up on YouTube, and while I can't vouch for the overall quality of his work, I sure can't knock the main character's wardrobe choice!

Haig Added to Grinder Cast

We recently got the news that Sid Haig has joined the cast of North Carolina native Richard Clark, Jr.’s new film, Grinder, playing a character known as Sheriff Eddie. That's certainly one way to give your project instant cred!

Splattrax: The Blob w/ Special Guest!

Just in time for this Halloween I-Mockery's Roger Barr joined us for this special Halloween edition of Splattrax, where we take on 1988's The Blob (buy it here) starring Kevin Dillon and Shawnee (SAW) Smith.

First Look at Scourge Monster!

A few weeks back we gave you the first look at a new monster movie called Scourge ("Exclusive Pics From Scourge!" – October 2007), which is on its way to AFM next week.

Eden Log Poster, Site

Eden Log is one of those films that we’ll randomly hear more info about and every time I am reminded of what a cool looking flick it is. I mean seriously, this thing’s got some style to spare.

Army of the Dead Updated!

There’s been so little said about Zack (Dawn of the Dead, 300) Snyder’s epic-scale zombie movie Army of the Dead (not to be confused with this Army of the Dead) that I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever seen the light of its cloudy eyes.

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

If you answered "yes" to the title question, you're in good company. In keeping with the mood of the rapidly approaching Halloween holiday, mainstream news source CNN.com of all places ran a story today that no less than a third of us believe in the existence of spirits from the hereafter.

Crypt Keeper Comeback?

I'll admit that Masters of Horror was fun for the most part, but nothing could ever touch the humor and horror of HBO's Tales From the Crypt. It had all the essentials that a genre series needs, and it lasted years; right now we're not even sure about the final fate of Masters. Could digging up the Crypt Keeper save televised horror?

Saw IV Video Interviews!

Toronto. Not the most horrific of cities. That is, of course, unless you were there to witness the brutal mayhem of Saw IV (review) like our man Nomad was. If that is the case, nothing could be more terrifying. To counteract said terror, Nomad was given the chance to humanize those behind the latest sequel by interviewing them face-to-face and no, it was not a trap. I would have assumed it was, personally, which is why they don’t fly me out to such things.

Chemical Wedding Wraps, First Art!

Doing a random search for info on upcoming horror films, we learned today on the CMG site that principal photography on Chemical Wedding, which was written by Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson and directed by Julian Doyle, has completed and th

Nightmare Factory Trailer

All right, this is pretty cool if not a bit deceiving. Someone in the Fox Atomic camp took it upon themselves to make an animated trailer for their latest graphic novel, The Nightmare Factory, using the story "Dr. Locrian’s Asylum" as its centerpoint. It looks really damn cool, if only it were a trailer for an actual animated film... Dig it below; then click here to get The Nightmare Factory!

Del Toro's Future

I remember there was a span of about three months a year or so back when it seemed like every other day we were hearing about a new project that Guillermo del Toro was attached to in some way, be it as producer, writer, developer ...

First Look at Predalien!

While some of you have been waiting to see the fully-grown version of the Alien/Predator hybrid since the end of AVP, the rest of us just want Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem to make us forget about AVP.

Grizzly New Poster

American World Pictures just unveiled new artwork for the nature gone amok massacre Grizzly Park, and I think it could make Stephen Colbert crap his pants. If ever there was an image of a bear that beckoned a threatdown, it's this. Great work on the part of whoever put this promo art together.

AMC Builds 99 Stories

Looking to capitalize on its increasingly popular annual Monsterfest, AMC has announced the creation of a new series that they will be airing next year called "99 Stories", which is being penned by original Omen writer David Seltzer according to today’s Hollywood Reporter.