Saw V Marches On

Those of you who are concerned with more new blood being injected into the Saw franchise can breath easily; though production designer David Hackl is now on board as director for Saw V, director Darren Bousman told STYD recently that he’ll likely be shooting the remake of Scanners at the same time as Saw V rolls, so he’ll be keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

*UPDATED* Poster of Ian Stone

*UPDATE: Apparently, the poster IMP Awards has is not the official After Dark poster, the first one you see below is. Thanks to After Dark for the correction!*

God of Vampires Honored!

During this past weekend’s Rock and Shock convention here in Massachusetts, the long-delayed God of Vampires (review) finally got a chance to play in front of fans who have been waiting for the movie to be done for 5 years now.

Horror Wins Sitges!

The big winners from this year’s Sitges Film Festival have just been announced, and once again our beloved genre ruled the day. Rec, the Paco Plaza/Jaume Belaguero team up from Spain, won for Best Director, Best Actress, and the audience choice for Best Motion Picture!

Park Chan-Wook's Vampiric Update!

Remember Evil Live, the vampire film Park Chan-wook said he’d be directing after I’m a Cyborg but That’s Okay? It’s been a while since we’ve had an update, so luckily the boys at Aullidos got a chance to pick the director’s brain during the Sitges festival.

The Eye Teases

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. No wonder the remake of The Eye looks so hollow ("Lussier Fixes The Eye" - September 2007). Then again, seeing as how the original Hong Kong version was as loud and obnoxious as every other Hollywood ghost flick, its amazing this took so long to happen.

She's Next Door in December

I never really noticed how many movies shared the same title as Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door (review). Just a quick search on Amazon brought up several results, but not a single one was for the DVD we wanted.

Hellraiser Remake Talk

It’s not much, but we do love bits and pieces on the new Hellraiser movie, especially since the directors behind festival hit Inside are on board to make it.

Exclusive Beyond the Rave Pics!

Hammer Films is back, and we finally have the visual proof! We just got a trio of pics from Beyond the Rave, the first film to come out of the British studio in decades. A little sex, a little blood, it’s all good. The film will debut online as a serial series sometime in the near future; keep it here for more info on Beyond the Rave as it comes down the pipe!

Full Details on Ultimate Evil Dead Disc

At this point the question is not “do we need another edition of Evil Dead?” but rather, “why did it take Anchor Bay so long to put out another one?”

Langella in Kelly's Box

Richard Kelly’s long-gestating horror film, The Box, based on the Richard Matheson story "Button, Button", is getting some damn classy casting now that things are moving along on the production.

Release Date for Awake!

Holy shit, remember this movie? I had almost forgotten about it myself, but thanks to an eagle-eyed reader named Joey, that won’t happen again. Box Office Mojo has a new list of release date changes and suddenly, out of nowhere, the Jessica Alba/Hayden Christensen vehicle Awake is part of it; the film is set to be released November 30th, 2007. Shit that’s soon!

P2 Trailer, Pics Gallore!

P2, while not the traditional holiday movie, is sure to help put horror fans in the Christmas spirit when it’s released on November 9th. The story, as I’m sure you’ve heard before, is about a girl who is trapped in the parking garage of her company’s building on Christmas Eve, pursued by a disillusioned security guard who just doesn’t want to spend one more Christmas alone.

Silent Night, Deadly DVD!

Silent Night, Deadly Night, the Christmastime classic that pissed off a thousand parents back in 1984, is now coming home in grand form thanks to the fine freaks at Anchor Bay!

Horrorfest 2007 Full Trailer!

Though we’re still waiting on word of what the final 2 films will be in this year’s Horrorfest, that didn’t stop After Dark Films from putting together an all-new trailer for the event, running from November 9th-18th! Announced so far are Unearthed, Nightmare Man, Borderland, Mulberry Street, Frontieres and The Deaths of Ian Stone. Check out the trailer below, get your tickets at the official Horrorfest site, and keep your eyes here for more cool stuff very soon!