New Eden Log Images

A few days back, some new buzz started to circulate around this internet thing for a French movie called Eden Log, based on the very slick trailer that showed itself out of seemingly nowhere ("What is

Exclusive Clip from The Film Crew!

During the madness of Comic Con, Andrew Kasch and Buz managed to set some time aside to sit in the laps of two geniuses; Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, better known as Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo from “Mystery Science Theater 3000”. They discussed their new show, “The Film Crew”, in which they sit down with former “MST3K” writer and star Mike Nelson to once again tear apart movies that, frankly, have it coming.

Fido Slaughters the Class Cutters

What I like more than poisoning candy with pictures of Hillary Clinton during Halloween are the massive amounts of DVDs that pour into the stores (Halloween Comes Early From MGM - July 18, 2007). F

Sharp New Saw IV Pic

Like pain? How about images of people in pain? How about images of people who are about to be in lots and lots of pain, though not for very long? Check out the little image you see on your right.

New AvP Game Spotted

Sierra officially announced the new PSP Aliens vs Predator title yesterday and while the press release doesn’t tell us anything new about the game itself, it does bring us the encouraging news that it

Koyuki Finds Blood?

Now this is not official yet, but various news sites are reporting on it so at least we won’t be the only one with egg on our face if it’s false. KFC Cinema got word that beautiful Japanese actres

RKO Brings Back the Dead

RKO is getting back in the horror business but, like so many studios these days, instead of coming up with new and original ideas, ideas that back in their day helped put them on the map, they’re just

Tarsem is Unforgettable

Now this is confusing; a movie is on its way to us called The Unforgettable, which is about a cop who finds out through his investigation of a series of murders that there is actually a war going on b

Open Water Duo Returns

The duo behind Open Water, writer/director Chris Kentis and producer Laura Lau, have finally come out of hiding with a new project that they hope to follow-up their run away success of the aforementio

New Escape Helmer Confirmed

Hear that cash register sound? I know might sound out of place in this modern day of computers and such; that’s just the sound made every time John Carpenter cashs in on another remake. Daily Vari

Victor Crowley Takes New England!

Only a few more weeks to go until Hatchet's well deserved theatrical release on September 7th. Don't expect the gears to be sitting still until that time, though. The hype machine behind Adam Green's

Beau Celebrates April Fool's?

There's just no point in bitching about remakes anymore. What else is there to say? All to often the newer film never lives up to the original or even brings a single fresh idea to the table, but they

The Saws Become Visible

I've got to hand it to Lionsgate. They've really marketed this whole Saw franchise pretty well. In fact, they've turned one film into a reason to dump many other horror films out onto the DVD market.

Dead, Captive and Beyond!

Lots of DVD news to catch you up on, so we’ll start with the shit you probably don’t care about first... Davis DVD got word that Lionsgate will be releasing Captivity (review), you remember “the fi

New Hatchet Contest!

Attention: Horror Fans Want a chance to win a trip for two to Los Angeles to meet up with some Hollywood hotshots? If so, read below: The time is upon us where we have an opportunity to rise up.