Negative Happy at AFM

How do you get something both negative and happy? Make it Japanese! They can get away with pretty much anything over on their strange little island, as is evident by a new movie just announced for AFM, Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge!

Nighmareworks to Eat Devil's Pie

The team behind the upcoming Film to Die For, Nightmare Man (review); namely director Rolfe Kanefsky (interview), star Tiffany Shepis and producer Esther Goodstein announced during this year’s AFM that they have formed a brand-new production company, Nightmareworks SKG.

Exclusive: Wardog Teaser!

Remember that badass Dread Central promo we had up shortly after we were launched last July? The one with the werewolf attacking the hot chicks? If you missed it I’m sorry, but just imagine something really kick ass with werewolves and hot chicks. Promoting Dread Central, of course.

Teased by Bad Meat

Bloody Disgusting took a snapshot at AFM today of the teaser poster for Wrong Turn director Rob Schmidt's next horror project, Bad Meat. It isn't due out till 2009, but the poster has me sold. Sure it doesn't tell us anything about the film and I don't care; there's meat and a couple of the silhouettes look like hot chicks. Damn I am shallow...

Looking at Dead Space

Sick and tired of reading about Dead Space and having to imagine how the game looks in motion? Then good news. EA recently released a teaser trailer of sorts to TeamXBOX, giving us a glimpse at how the deep space sci-fi horror game is shaping up. You don?t get the best idea of the game play from this, but you certainly get a sense of the visual direction of the game.

Rusty Nails' Long List

Sometimes you just have to do things you normally wouldn't when times are desperate. There are situations that call for breaking the law or bending the rules just to survive. Too bad that doesn't necessarily apply to stealing Rusty Nails' car when you're trying to get to a concert.

The Scourge From Vancouver

A Vancouver film company called PHD Productions dropped us a line today informing us that their first ever film, Scourge, is almost ready to be released to the public.

Ghost Hunters Go International

Sci Fi's paranormal reality show, Ghost Hunter, is traveling outside of the U.S. and into some foreign territory. This new show will feature some old and new faces along with a new name: Ghost Hunters International. This new entry from the ghost hunting team is getting some extra hype thanks to a YouTube user who posted the trailer! Check it out below!

The Future of Evilshop!

The doors have been wide open on our very first e-store, Evilshop, for going on two weeks now. Have you checked it out yet? You really should, there’s some very cool stuff in there and it’s all at good prices. That’s just how we roll.

Diary and Quarantine Release Dates!

Good news, boils and ghouls; George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead (review) will be upon us in no time!

Magnet Gets a Splinter

Toby Wilkins’ name is all over the place as of late, thanks to his being the first director to be attached to a Grudge film who’s name doesn’t start with Takashi and end with Shimizu, and now he’s getting even more attention thanks to Magnet nabbing is first film, Splinter, for distribution in the US.

When Aliens Attack Each Other

There was a time when it was always a unfortunate human fighting for their life against an unfriendly alien lifeform. Oh, how times have changed. Now all of a sudden it's the aliens that can't seem to get along with one another and we humans have to worry about getting caught in their crossfire. Now doubt this is fault of Alien vs. Predator, the film that clearly started all manner of extraterrestrial pissing contests.

AFM: Killer Pad Art

It’s funny, I was just thinking about Killer Pad the other day wondering whatever the hell happened to it.

Final Orphanage Poster!

There is a very short list of films that will have a small theatrical run that I feel like I have to see before they’re done and sent to DVD, and The Orphanage (review) is one of them.

Marsden to Join The Box

Now this is not casting news that makes me happy. James Marsden, better known to most as the whinny Cyclops from X-Men is in final negotiations to star in Richard Kelly’s long-awaited The Box, opposite Cameron Diaz, so say The Hollywood Reporter.