More Castlevania Figures!

Here are the goods that NECA promised us a scant few days ago (“NECA’s Castlevania Figures” – August 2007); the first pics of their Succubus and Dracula figures from the upcoming line of Castlevania toys. We’ll just show you the pics and throw you over to NECA’s official site for all the specs on the figures. Look for the first line of Castlevania toys in stores this October!

Exclusive NOTLD Doc Set Visit!

The tiny quiet city of Evans, Pennsylvania, looks like thousands of others in the nation. The rolling hills and lush belts of trees give the city a peaceful appearance, its serenity broken only by the

Exclusive: James Wan: From Horror to Action

We got a very cool exclusive for you guys from James Wan’s upcoming Death Sentence, out in theaters on August 31st. You’ve probably all wondered how Wan went from the brutal horror of Saw to the o

Complete Addams Family Box!

Back when I was a kid, there were two family-oriented monster shows you could choose between in reruns: “The Munsters” and “The Addams Family”. Now, while “The Munsters” definitely had its charms, for

Ouija Watch a Witchboard Remake?

If you thought a remake of Troll sounded inexplicable then how do you feel about a remake of Witchboard? Though that decent little horror flick from 1986 has gone on to amass a small cult following, a

Undead or Alive Dead?

I’ve been wondering about the release status on the horror/western/comedy Undead or Alive: A Zombedy for a while now; it was shopped around during the festival season, but to my knowledge no deals wer

Ice Spiders DVD Info!

When I first heard about the Sci-Fi Channel original movie Ice Spiders (review) I was highly skeptical. In addition to Sci-Fi's supremely spotty track record when it comes to making original movies th

Disturbing Found Footage

We just got a very interesting link from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. It’s a YouTube video, as you can tell, and while we know what it is, I think it’s better if you figure it out for your

Bacon, Mustangs and Death

The creator of Saw (James Wan) may be brining Kevin Bacon back into the thriller genre (Eight Clips from Death Sentence! - August 02, 2007), but what really matters here is a bad ass 1969 Ford Mustang

Hatchet TV Spot!

Ah, the hype machine. For some movies it is a slow, lumbering best, barely alive and kept that way only by the devoted few who take pity on it with an occasional feeding. For something like Adam G

Slicing Thru Witchblade Takeru

This issue of Witchblade Takeru: Manga #7 drops us off right into the middle of the action (apparently in mid-conversation. I thought at first maybe I was missing a page.) The current bearer of the Wi

Dickinson's Wedding Rolls

Word came down via Screen Daily recently that a long thought dead project has actually started rolling recently. Metal fans; be sure you’re sitting down. Bruce Dickinson, frontman of Iron Maiden a

Alone 2 Plot Revealed

I know, I know, there’s every reason in the world why Alone in the Dark 2 will suck. But really, could it be any worse than the Uwe Boll original? Try and keep that in mind as we move forward. Fan

See The Insane

Amazing what you can find if you really look around this thing we call “the Internet”. For example, Melissa Bostaph, DC reviewer extraordinaire, came across a short film called “The Insane” while perusing online and was blown away by just how damn good it looked for a short film.

Shakma Comes Home

If you've never seen Shakma then you probably should. I mean how many slasher flicks have there been where the killer is actually a psychotic baboon, not counting Larry Drake in Dr. Giggles? Not sure