Hellboy 2 Site Launches!

Now this is what an official movie site should look like! Yeah, it’s all Flash and yeah, it’s fancy as hell, but the site for Hellboy 2: The Golden Army that just launched is also very functional and full of information. It’s not just some random images that you have to click on to see more random images; no, this sucker is packed to the gills with director Guillermo del Toro’s signature touch.

Baker is Not Forgotten

I guess it makes sense that a person with such an odd name like "Dror" would be so closely affiliated with "Weird" Al Yankovic.

Skeletal Army Goes Maverick

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "They just don't make enough movies about killer skeletons." They especially don't make enough movies about shotgun-toting killer skeletons. Thank goodness someone finally heeded my call to arms.

Hellgate Release Correction

Hellgate: London is set for release on our favorite holiday of the year, and not by some strange coincidence. The PC action RPG from many of the same minds that brought us Diablo has definitely got a pretty heavy horror slant, if that wasn’t obvious from the whole Hellgate thing.

Exclusive Nature of the Beast Pics!

Finch as a werewolf? Such is the case, it seems, in the new ABC Family movie Nature of the Beast, about a loving couple whose planned nuptials hit a stumbling block when he reveals to her that he’s a werewolf and must hunt down the alpha male lycanthrope to bring an end to his curse.

Contest: New York Horror Film Festival!

Halloween is almost here and NY strives to be the creepiest place on Earth when the NY Horror Film Festival lands this October 24-28th.

Want More Saw Pics?

Only a few weeks left till Saw IV gets its proverbial hooks into us, so of course we’re getting an influx of info on it now, though not too much you dig. Today we nabbed two new pics from the sequel, again directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and written by Feast penners Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, both of which show some sort of agony for more victims of Jigsaw’s sadistic games.

Dark Days for Lionsgate

STYD has the first word on what is happening with Jake Kennedy's zombie movie Days of Darkness (review here). STYD was out at LA's Screamfest where they got the exclusive news that Days of Darkness has been picked up by Lionsgate. Theatrical or DVD release dates/plans are not yet known, but this would be a welcome change from the unending Ulli Lommel releases!

Queen of Screams Trailer Making Noise!

Eileen Dietz. Don't know the name? I bet you know the face all too well. In fact, I'd wager that she at one time or another contributed to you having some really sleepless nights.

V Word Specs and Extra Acclaim!

The word is out December 11th on DVD! What word you ask? Did you not read the title of the story? Here, let me spell it out for you -- V. Ernest Dickerson's V Word to be exact. There. Now you're one of the cool kids!

Event Report: Eerie Horror Film Festival 2007

As the doors closed at the Erie Playhouse late Sunday night, it marked the end of the Eerie Horror Film Festival’s fourth and most successful year to date. Groups of friends, old and new, gathered in huddles exchanging emotional goodbyes and promises of next year’s event. For those of us who were involved in the inner workings of the fest, the locking of the doors behind us was bittersweet.

Final Frontieres Poster!

All right, so it’s nothing dramatically new like the Nightmare Man poster was, but at least it’s official, right? Below is the final After Dark Films poster for Frontiere(s), the French thriller that will be out as part of their 2nd annual Horrorfest (as if the banner at the top didn’t tell you that already...). Check out the Horrorfest site for more info on all the films they’ve announced so far, and keep an eye out for my interview with Frontiere(s) director Xavier Gens later this week!

Poster Pulled from a Bloody River

The man who brought us Broken (review) and Devil's Chair is moving his way on to another new horror pic called Blood River. Adam Mason has a way with titles, doesn't he? They could be about absolutely nothing, but I'd still go see them based on the names alone!

30 Days and Beyond for Raimi?

Sam Raimi has been a busy man this year. The director made sure Spider-Man brought in the bucks and he looks to do the same with another comic book-turned-film this year, 30 Days of Night (review). Raimi is acting as producer on this project, but his presence can be felt.

5 Days Of Steve Niles

G4 is geeking out to 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles starting this week: "In a Geek Out special, we're going to spend the next five days getting to know 30 Days of Night (review) author Steve Niles really, really well.