Shield Creator to Run Oaks

Though we can’t say for sure how strong the horror elements in “The Oaks” will be, I have to admit the idea of the show is pretty intriguing. Apparently new Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly agrees with me, one of the many things he and I have in common.

Poltergeist Writer Against The Wall

Michael Grais, writer of Poltergeist and Poltergeist II: The Other Side, now has a producer credit notch to add to his bed post; the thriller-horror film (as Variety calls it), The Wall.

OC Scribe to Deliver Horror?

Wow, what a wacky concept! Okay, try and stay with me here; the pitch is a buddy cop show, right? But in a “hilariously horrifying” twist, the buddies are dedicated to bringing vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night to justice! My God what a great, original concept!

Sole to Design Corpse

Because I kow most of you are sitting out there like junkies waiting for more info on Nick (Murder Set Pieces) Palumbo’s next film, Corpse, we’ll try and make sure you get your fix.

New Bumps in the Night

Every time I look at my Fiend Without a Face prop I cannot help but smile. Something about having a life-sized brain complete with arms and a dangling spinal cord just makes me smile. Then of course when I look to the left I see my Captain Spaulding mask just smiling right next to me. That thing is so life-like it's like having Sid's severed head laying on my table.

Gillman With a Taste for Redneck

Now here's a movie after my own heart - Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon. A group of college students run afoul of a band of inbred rednecks, but making matters worse is the gillman monster spawned from toxic waste dumped into a nearby lagoon. Expect plenty of cheap, cheesy, gory, gooey, rubber-suited fishman on a rampage action. They don't make enough movies of this ilk for my take, and when they do they're usually of the Rana, The Legend of Shadow Lake variety.

New Clips Right at Your Door

This was one of the first movies we saw at Fantasia this year that had to do with some kind of massive apocalypse or traumatic event going down but told a very small story within the framework.

Baa Baa Black DVD

Sorry for the tardiness of this news. Been a bit busy thanks to the local taco place spiking my food with sharp bits of metal. But, enough of that and on to something really interesting: Black Sheep's

Gears & Escape Director Named?

I really don’t know how I feel about this. You never know with some directors these days, but can Len Wiseman refrain from making another Underworld?

Doomsday Video Interview!

Neil Marshall is, without a doubt, the man. He kicked in the door a few years back with the badass werewolf film Dog Soldiers, then showed us that real horror can still be made in this day and ag

Dacascos is Omega

Will Smith may be legend but Mark Dacascos is omega, and last time I checked being omega trumped merely being a legend. In your face, Fresh Prince! Oh, that wacky Asylum ... I don't think you need

Have Some Sympathy

Poor mice, they really get a bad rep. Whenever someone has a good suspense thriller storyline they want to discuss, the whole "game of cat and mouse" phrase is played. Do you think the mouse would see

Resident Evil 5 Racist?

From the very first moment that Resident Evil 5 was shown at this year’s E3, along with the building excitement it has been dogged by a harsh criticism: That it’s racist according to the Village Voice.

Take a Skinwalker Home

If you're anything like me, then you are probably addicted to hot women and motorcycles. Now imagine the sensory overload one such fan would have if a film were released that combines beautiful babes,

Gunn's Belcoo Experiment

We haven't heard much from Slither (review) director James Gunn in a long time. Then out of the blue someone at Comic Con let loose some news about a new project he is connected to called Belcoo Exper