First Look at Predalien!

While some of you have been waiting to see the fully-grown version of the Alien/Predator hybrid since the end of AVP, the rest of us just want Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem to make us forget about AVP.

Grizzly New Poster

American World Pictures just unveiled new artwork for the nature gone amok massacre Grizzly Park, and I think it could make Stephen Colbert crap his pants. If ever there was an image of a bear that beckoned a threatdown, it's this. Great work on the part of whoever put this promo art together.

AMC Builds 99 Stories

Looking to capitalize on its increasingly popular annual Monsterfest, AMC has announced the creation of a new series that they will be airing next year called "99 Stories", which is being penned by original Omen writer David Seltzer according to today’s Hollywood Reporter.

Molina and Davis Join Lodger Redux

Sony’s Stage 6, their low budget horror arm, has got some serious casting for the upcoming remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lodger, which is one of those few remakes no one seems to get too angry about. Is it because they’re saying it’s actually a re-adaptation of the book by Marie Belloc Lowndes that inspired Hitchcock rather than a straight remake? Cause they’re saying the same thing about The Birds too, you know...

New Underworld Details!

Just a few days back it was reported that a new Underworld movie was getting ready to roll in New Zealand ("Kiwis in the Underworld" – October 2007), but that was literally all the information we had on it.

No More Remakes For Aja

Remakes, remakes, remakes ... they never end it seems. Have ideas run so dry in the movie business that anything and everything is worthy fodder for the retooling machine? Good thing we horror fans have Alex Aja on our side.

Screamfest Horror Film Festival Winners

In case you missed this years Screamfest Horror Film Festival that took place in Hollywood's Mann Chinese Theatre, we've got the lowdown on who won. The biggest winner was a Thai horror picture called Alone that walked away with four of the festival's golden skulls. The ultimate cash prize from Boost Mobile went to Iqbal Ahmed for the Best of the Next in Horror award thanks to the movie Stem Check out the full list below:

Wheelchairs and Zombies

Fangoria received the first info on DVD specs for the Thomas L. Phillips and Sean Simmons directed zombie pic Special Dead! Now there's a title that tells you a movie is going to kick ass! Hell, even the cover promises laughs.

Green & Schifrin's Halloween Treat!

As with all Halloween traditions, Adam Green (Hatchet) and Ryan Schifrin (Abominable) have returned with another short piece of holiday fun for the best holiday of them all: Halloween! Check out the duo’s new short film “The Tiffany Problem” featuring an all-star cast of who’s who in modern horror, including Joel David Moore (Hatchet star), Marcus Dunstan (Feast, Saw IV screenwriter), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2 director) and a lot more!

Final Horrorfest 2007 Lineup!

Damn, talk about coming in under the wire. After Dark Films has finalized the list of the 8 Films to Die For 2007, all eight of which will be in theaters November 9th-19th. Without further ado, those 8 films are… Mulberry Street The Deaths of Ian Stone Unearthed Borderland Nightmare Man Tooth and Nail Lake Dead Crazy Eights

EVILSHOP Open for Business!

Take a trip with me, will you? Way, way back in the day, going on 10 years now, I had the idea for a little slice of eCommerce called Evilshop. The intention was to buy and sell products through the shop the same way places like Amazon and Deep Discount DVD do. Problem was, I needed stock and had zero experience acquiring any.

Dunstan on Feast 3!

Can’t wait for Saw IV this weekend to see how the writers of Feast tackle the incredibly tangled mythology behind Jigsaw? I have to admit, neither can I, but if you want to talk upcoming projects from writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton that I’m really anticipating, the Feast sequels are very close to the top of the list.

Pics, Details on Wilkins' Splinter

** Editor's Note: Pics were removed by request of the filmmakers** While Toby Wilkins preps to get behind the camera to direct the incredibly unwelcome sequel, The Grudge 3, the folks over at Upcoming Horror Movies managed to find out more about his feature debut, Splinter, which we’ve not heard of in months ("Wilkins Gets a Splinter" – May 2007).

The Morgue in The Mist

So as you can see, the next issue of Rue Morgue is getting all misty. As well it should, since The Mist is one of the most anticipated horror films in recent memory; for once I don’t mind the mag putting the film at the front of most fan’s mind on the cover. Not that they do it very often, mind you.

Filmax Goes Underground

Now, kids, this is why you should never take up the life of a graphitti artist. Too much running around, too many chances to get caught, and of course there’s the ever-present danger of half human creatures living in the subways below whatever city you do your work in.