The Blood Drive Continues!

With yet another Saw film set to hit theatres on October 26th (check out our exclusive video interview with Tobin Bell from Comic-Con here), Lionsgate is continuing its bloody good charity work with t

Right at Your Door One Sheet

Freestyle Releasing gave the world its first look at the final artwork for the poster of the upcoming apocalyptic horror flick Right at Your Door (review here). For those still playing catch-up, R

Troll Remake Brings Back Phil

Holy shit. It's back! Bloody Disgusting reports today that genre icon Phil Fondacaro will be reprising his role as Professor Malcom Mallory in the newest remake on the block -- John Carl Buechler’

Shopping for Hardware?

It just figures. Now that all of the movies we've been waiting an eternity for are getting the DVD treatment, everyone's singing the praises of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. We'll just never win I tell ya! I

Gulager to Feast Again

Wow, an NC-17 monster movie? If Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have their way, we might actually get two of them. The screenwriting duo dropped some great news to Fangoria while discussing their Saw IV script: John Gulager is back in the director’s chair for both Feast 2 & 3, Neo Art & Logic are producing again, and it’s all coming together nicely.

Look at These Women!

As DC's only female news gatherer, it fell on my shoulders to update you all on Women's Studies, a self-proclaimed "intelligent horror film" that even Butane calls interesting sounding. Hmmmm ... a group of women form an apocalyptic sect to strip men of power and status and enslave them. Sounds like a good time to me!

Witches on Dead Island

Dead Island, once known as Island of the Living Dead, was one of the games Techland showed off at E3 last year. While most people came away from the demo unimpressed, I’m still rather pleased to hear

Meet Hatchet's Deon Richmond

Go see Adam Green's Hatchet (review) on September 7th! I know we tell you this every single week, but after the Grindhouse failure we cannot let another fun and entertaining horror flick get the shaft

Tune In to Jack Hill

The media blitz for the Maddest Story Ever Told is ramping up as Jack Hill makes his rounds to let everyone know a worthy release of his cult classic Spider Baby is on the way (New Spider Baby Hatches

New Grindhouse Art

Exactly why no one went to go see Grindhouse (review) will be an eternal mystery. The double feature that was full of hot women, nasty gore and an army of talented actors came and went from theatres i

New King Cover!

It’s not the most exciting cover for the man’s work, but really you don’t need much of anything fancy to sell a book with Stephen King written on the front, do you? Lilja’s Library got the first lo

Heartland Horrors Coming to DVD

As our regular readers are no doubt aware, one of Dread Central's missions is to do everything we can to help promote the independent horror filmmakers out there ... wherever they may be. And one of

Death Sentence Video Interviews!

Nothing better than a little revenge, is there? Especially when the American judicial system isn’t able to do its job right and a killer goes free. Such is the basic outline of the plot for James

Skinny Puppy Does Repo?

Man, I love any kind of news we can get about Darren Lynn Bousman’s upcoming rock opera Repo! The Genetic Opera, but when that news can be combined with mentioning Skinny Puppy, I feel like a kid agai

Hellraiser Remake Dead?

Though I tried to put a positive spin on it when it was originally announced ("Barker to Pen Hellraiser Remake" - October 2006), the possibility that the remake of Hellraiser that was so full-speed ahead not too long ago might be dead in the water is nothing but a relief.