Collective Gets Disgusting

It’s not often you wake up in the morning, check the trades like you’ve done everyday for years, and see the name of one of the genre’s biggest sites right there on the virtual front page of Variety.

Meet Victor Crowley!

After last weekend's turnout for Hatchet (review here) at the Arclight in Hollywood (the film grossed over $14,500 on that one screen alone) -- the theater is putting on another special event in honor

Spliced and Reviewed

Hot on the heels of this week's early news ("Brody to Splice" - September 2007) we learned thanks to a reader that film ick contributor Brendon posted a review today of Vincenzo Natali's script, Splic

Dreadtime Stories: Christopher Golden's Runaway

If you’re not familiar with the horrifically fantastical works of Christopher Golden you, my friend, are missing out. Neither a horror author nor a fantasy novelist, Golden is one of those rare wr

Kirkman Speaks of the Dead

The Walking Dead is a beautifully written comic from Image that centers around people...some living...most dead. Robert Kirkman advances the art of "human drama" with every issue and his fans can’t g

Dead Matter Wraps!

The folks behind The Dead Matter just updated their MySpace blog with the good news that shooing has wrapped on the film, and post is underway as we speak!

Hodder & Nicotero to Rock & Shock!

Wow. We’re only a month outside of the fourth annual Rock and Shock convention going down in my backyard (well, an hour or so away), Worcester, MA, and we’ve barely been keeping you up to date on it.

Bamber's Got the Pulse

So who will be starring in the direct-to-DVD Pulse sequels? I know it’s a question that keeps you up at night and prevents you from establishing fully-formed human relationships, so be thankful to the

Second Z.E.R.O. Ep Online!

A few months back, Uncle Creepy gave you guys a look a the first episode of a new online series called War of the Dead: Z.E.R.O. (read it here). The first episode setup a near future in which the dead

Weinsteins Nab Diary of the Dead

Did you hear that loud crash of thunder yesterday? Doesn’t matter where you were in the country; as soon as this sale happened there was some kind of heavenly interruption that all horror fans noticed

Catacombs Direct to Fearnet

Have you been chomping at the bit, as it were, to see the first horror movie with pop starlet Pink? I know I sure have! In case it only sounds vaguely familiar, the movie is Catacombs, which Twist

Backwoods Bullions

Meet the Bullions! They may be a loving family of slightly inbred cannibals, but everyone has their faults. That doesn't mean they won't be fun to watch as they deal with daily trials and tribulations

Best Friend Zombie Ed

What are best friends for? Support, beer and the occasional zombie invasion. But, what are dead best friends for? Constant, undying videogame companion! Shaun of the Dead hit the nail right on the

Will AVP: Requiem Really Kick Ass?

All right, it’s looking more and more like Aliens Vs. Predators; Requiem is going to kick truckload of Paul WS Anderson-shaped ass. Or, if nothing else, the Brothers Strauss really know how to talk a

Exclusive: J Larose Joins Repo!

Darren Bousman just dropped us a line with an exclusive piece of casting news for his upcoming soon-to-be epic rock opera, Repo! The Genetic Opera cause, you know, the guy rocks. He let us know th