Meet Marshall at Memorabilia!

While we gear up for the 2nd annual Fear Fest, UK convention-goers will get the same treat Fear Festers will be enjoying come March: meeting Neil Marshall in person!

Freddy and Jason Domesticated?

In the future you'll be able to walk into the housewares section of Crate and Barrell and select a favorite pattern on dishes and bowls featuring your most loved horror film icons. Just picture it ... designer stone antiqued plates with Freddy Krueger staring back at you at the center.

P2 Video Interviews!

With P2 (review) in theaters today and in direct competition with not one but eight other horror films, one can’t help but wonder how well it could do. But if it’s as good as our review and others are saying, maybe it’s a shoe-in for higher box office. Learn more about the film either before or after seeing it by checking out the below on-camera interview with stars Wes Bentley and Rachel Nichols!

Final Eye Poster

Man, I really can’t help but not care about this movie. Like, at all. Sure Jessica Alba’s hot, but that didn’t give me any more reason to watch "Dark Angel" when it was on because she’s also a horrible actress. There, I said it.

Final Crazy Eights Poster!

With After Dark’s second annual Horrorfest making its way to theaters starting today, it’s only appropriate that the final film to be announced, Crazy Eights, finally gets itself some poster art.

Goyer Finds Possession Story

David Goyer has way too much going on at any given time to be able to focus too much on one particular project. One of his most recent announcements that intrigued me was the adaptation of Baltimore (review), but it’s only one movie among many the writer/director is working on.

Hatching a Spider Baby Remake

Indy flick producer extraordinaire Tony DiDio began treading on some familiar ground when he put four new films on his slate. He has his sights set on a follow-up to Toolbox Murders and a remake of a gem that recently got the DVD treatment it deserved: Spider Baby (review)!

Horrorfest Signings Galore!

We just got all the kickass information in about who is signing and where for After Dark's Eight Films to Die For. The full list is below. All signings subject to change. Los Angeles: Mann The Plant/Van Nuys (Friday and Saturday 11/9 & 11/10 & 11/16 & 11/17 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm) 11/9 - Rolfe Kanefsky, Esther Goodstein, Victor Kanefsky, and Alice Kanefsky- all of (Nightmare Man)

Multi-format Invasion!

Is it me or did The Invasion (review) sort of just breeze in and out of theatres with hardly anyone noticing? It had a pretty good cast, but the reshoots kind of made it fall into the "iffy" category for me.

Mandy Lane is Late

Oh, Mandy Lane, where have you gone? Just a couple of months ago you were supposed to be on the silver screen, then you just up and left us. Don't worry though; all the boy still love you. Sure, the movie may have spurned us on more then one occasion, but it is finally heading to theatres ... in March, 2008!

Happy Poster

Earlier this week we informed you about the Japanese horror pic Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge when it appeared at AFM ("Negative Happy at AFM" - November 2007). The tale of a high school sissy trying to save the woman he loves from a chainsaw brandishing madman sounds cool, but the poster isn't really selling it to me.

Jeepers 3 Confirmed

Some of you may be thrilled, some of you may be disgusted, some of you won’t give a shit, but it seems a third Jeepers Creepers movie is, indeed, in the works.

Exclusive: Behind the Sweatshop!

Though we’re still not sure what it’s about, that won’t stop us from showing off a group of behind-the-scenes stills we got today from an anonymous source from the upcoming low-budget horror flick Sweatshop.

Sanchez Talks 3993

Thanks to the very cool folks at AICN, Quint especially, my wife and I got to check out a screening of the much-loved Spanish horror movie The Orphanage (review) the other night in Boston, which was attended by the film's screenwriter, Sergio Sanchez, and director, J.A. Bayona.

Three to the Slaughter

Can you believe both Shawnee Smith (pictured) and Erica Leerhsen are being called scream queens now? I mean, sure, it’s by a trade publication, but it’s still kinda weird to think of Smith on the same level as, say, your everyday Brinke Stevens.