Marsden to Join The Box

Now this is not casting news that makes me happy. James Marsden, better known to most as the whinny Cyclops from X-Men is in final negotiations to star in Richard Kelly’s long-awaited The Box, opposite Cameron Diaz, so say The Hollywood Reporter.

Sideshow Makes Jason Float

With Halloween came new announcements from Sideshow Collectibles, as is always the case. And yes, it is good...

The Bosses of Umbrella Chronicles

With its November 13th release less than two weeks away, IGN scored a trailer focusing on some of the larger and scarier enemies we’ll all be facing in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles on Nintendo Wii.

Exclusive: Final Tooth & Nail Poster!

The fine folks at After Dark Films just threw us the final poster for Tooth & Nail, the post-apocalyptic cannibal film that will playing November 9th-18th as part of After Dark’s Horrorfest 2007! Dig the poster below, then click here for my interview with Tooth & Nail director Mark Young!

New Midnight Movie Trailer!

A while back to told you about a new monster movie we stumbled on called Midnight Movie (First Look at Midnight Movie!" – September 2007). Well, today we got a heads up that the latest trailer for the film has been completed, so of course we had to assimilate it into Video Dread. Check it out below and stick around for more info soon!

Frist Impressions of Manhunt 2

While I’ve not yet been able to spend nearly as much time with Manhunt 2 as I’d have liked, last night I was able to put the finally-released Manhunt 2 into my Nintendo Wii for an hour or two of nastiness.

Dern Tracks a Swamp Devil

When I saw a listing for a new movie called Swamp Devil I just naturally assumed it was going to be a horror flick about some sort of swampy Bigfoot, like the Florida Everglades' Skunk Ape, the Honey Island Swamp Monster of Louisiana, or the Fouke Monster made famous in The Legend of Boggy Creek. Then I finally found a little blurb describing the actual plot and saw the phrase "tree-like creature" describing the featured creature.

AFM: Filmax's Latest!

Three more films from Filmax were announced as part of this year’s AFM, one of them the latest from Romasanta/[REC] helmer Paco Plaza! That film is called Circus, about a family who has a run-in with a very strange troupe of circus performers after one of their tigers almost causes an accident. Pretty soon they discover that the performers have trapped them there with them, and the skills of the troupe are used against those who try and get away with deadly results.

AFM: Magnet Attached to Eden Log

I can’t believe Variety referred to us as "geeks". We’re the ones who make the films successful, could they at least refer to us as "fans"? Sheesh.

AFM: Kino Nabs Trigger Man

Ti West’s well-reviewed follow-up to The Roost, the subtle but effective Trigger Man, has been picked up by Kino International for domestic release, with all foreign rights going to Screen Media Ventures, according to Daily Variety.

Whedon Back on TV!

Despite almost making it big in movies, his Wonder Woman gig has been indefinitely shut down, so Joss Whedon is getting back to doing what fans love him for most: TV.

P2 Parks Next Week!

Coming from New York and then moving to California, I know a little about being stuck in traffic. Hell, for that matter I know a lot about road rage, but parking in a garage? I've always felt pretty safe. That's all about to change as Franck Khalfoun's thriller P2 hits theatres next Friday, November 9th.

AFM: Selling The Diary

The eagle eyes over at STYD uploaded a picture today taken of the "sales poster" for the unnamed sequel to George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead (review)! Click here to see the poster in all its bloody glory!

FEARnet Gets Buried Alive

Done with the trick 'r treaters? Tired of passing out candy to hordes of little Power Rangers, princesses and dead eye'd parents? Why not have a sit down and enjoy a sneak peek at a new webseries coming soon to FEARnet! Buried Alive revolves around six abducted people. Who are they? Where are they? How did they get there? Starting on November 2nd more clues will be unraveled with more following each week! If you'd like to jump into the series early, we've been given an advance look! Check it out below!

Final Call for Your Horrorfest Pass!

For those of you on the East Coast, sorry for the tardiness of this news story. If you’re on the West Coast, though, you’ve got just a bit more time to make sure you get your All Access pass for this Horrorfest!