Lodger Casting Done

A whole lot of names have been dropped in relation to the latest remake of The Lodger, this time being produced for Sony’s new horror-themed line Stage 6 Films. Director David Ondaatje spoke with ION Cinema recently and let them know that the film has been cast from top to bottom.

Graves Set for Fringe

J.J. Abrams just can’t seem to stop making freaky TV shows, can he? The creator of “Lost” has another new project in the works called “Fringe”, and Sci Fi Wire reports today that “Journeyman” director Alex Graves has been tapped to direct the show’s pilot.

More Chain Casting, Smith Speaks!

Even more casting news came down the wire today via The Hollywood Reporter for the upcoming Deon Taylor horror flick Chain Lettter, which both confirms and expands upon the exclusive bit of news we had yesterday (“More Plot, Casting for Chain Letter!” – November 2007)

Exorcise the Studio Demon!

I'll keep this short. Horror writers are gathering tomorrow to help rid Hollywood of at least some of the evil that plagues it. Videos and pictures should be available soon after the event, but for now we only have these ghoulish details of the exorcism.

Eye Up This Trailer

Checking in just a few weeks after the last bit of news from The Eye remake ("Final Eye Poster” – November 2007) starring Jessica Alba, we've found something a little more enjoyable ... at least for those who can see.

Bruce Talks Home Invasion

The people over at Home Media Magazine recently sat down to chat with cult hero Bruce Campbell about his current and future plans. While there are not real big revelations to be had, we do get a few bits of much needed information regarding DVDs and releases. Check out part of the interview below.

Whiteout's Dark Poster

One of Beyond Hollywood's readers sent in the new poster for Dominic Sena's adaption of the comic book Whiteout. The pic stars Kate Beckinsale as a U.S.

*UPDATE* Castlevania's Plot is Familiar

UPDATE: Here is a bit of a problem: STYD says the source who sent them the plot below is reliable, but Bloody Disgusting has a trusted source as well who states the synopsis is old and bogus. Who do we believe?! BD's informant says, "BS... there are no giant bats and no legion of zombies. Simon is not the lead in the film, it's Trevor!" Guess we play the waiting game now.

The Buz Returns! ZOMG ALI3N!!!1

Can you say ABOUT TIME? After a very long hiatus, THE BUZ is FINALLY back. If you don't remember THE BUZ, you should be head shotted. But because it has been nearly a year since the last one, I'll forgive you if you don't remember. In any case I apologize for the long wait to my adoring five fans. The film that is in this month's crosshairs is my personal favorite: ALIEN. Hope everyone LOL's and ROFFLES. Look for next month's THE BUZ: Teh L0st B0ys.

Why Hollywood is Killing Horror: A Rant

This past weekend saw the release of not only the year’s best horror film, but the finest creature feature since The Thing. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? A little movie called The Mist from this guy named Stephen King. Many of us have been waiting a few decades for it. Regardless, I’m willing to bet a lot of you haven’t even seen it. And it’s hard to fault you for that.

DVD Releases: I Know Who Walks the Skin

A small but eclectic list of DVD releases for your post-Turkey pleasure this Tuesday, November 27th...

More Plot, Cast for Chain Letter!

A few weeks back we first told you about Chain Letter, a new horror film coming from the sickos at Twisted Pictures that will star Michael Bailey Smith (The Hills Have Eyes) as a very vicious serial killer.

Hardy's Cowboys Gets a Start Date

After many delays, numerous title changes and years of head-scratching trying to figure out just what Wicker Man director Robin Hardy was doing, his next film is finally going to get in front of cameras this March according to IGN.

U.S. Release for Cold Prey

It’s been just over a year since the Norwegian horror film Cold Prey was first mentioned on Dread Central (“Dread Central at AFM!” – November 2006), and it’s just now getting around to being released here in the sates.

Just Call it LXAVHRCUZFE for Short

"The touching story of drunken superheroes battling a seemingly unbeatable zombie menace", that's how filmmaker Jeffrey Ebright describes his upcoming flick The League of Extraordinary Alcoholics VS. The Horde of Really Creepy Undead Zombie Flesh Eaters. Yes, that is the actual title.