Win an iPod ... and a Witch?

While news may have slowed down with the holidays rolling in, that doesn't mean there aren't cool things going on in the horror genre, take Season of the Witch for instance. The book, penned by Natasha Mostert, has a interesting synopsis:

Tilly & Judd for Valentine's Day

Way back in May I ran a story about a horror film starring Jennifer Tilly and Judd Nelson ("Take Care Of Tilly – May 2007"). Since then there hasn't been a peep.

First Look Between the Sand and the Sky!

Following up on the news about Howl we shared with you yesterday (“Exclusive Update on Werewolf Movie Howl!” – November 2007), producer Clint Morris just threw us a batch of stills from another horror movie he’s behind, the supernatural western Between the Sand and the Sky.

Radio Silent Hill

Silent Hill 4 didn’t have a radio. Nor did it have a flashlight.

Beverly Cinema Gets it Wright

Those of you in L.A. already know how cool the New Beverly Cinema is thanks to their ongoing series of badass double bills. But come December their badassness will be kicking up a notch thanks to some help from across the pond.

No Title, Huge Cast for Gehenna Project

Sean Connery’s son Jason is getting behind the camera for a flick that has such a ridiculous cast I would almost say it was a joke if I hadn’t read it in The Hollywood Reporter.

Cusack's a Factory Man

All right, so it’s a Dark Castle kind of morning, I guess. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that John Cusack just signed on for the psychological thriller (never want to confuse those with “horror” movies, folks) The Factory for Joel Silver’s production shingle.

Dark Castle Finds an Orphan

What is the trend with evil children movies these days? None of the ones I’ve seen/heard of have been made with the same creepiness that made the subgenre cool in the first place, but someone out there will get it right again I’m sure. I doubt, however, that someone is Dark Castle.

The Horrors of Sundance

Honestly, traveling to Utah has never crossed my mind for any reason. It's just hard to have a passing thought of, "Hey! I should go to Utah because..." That was until STYD released a list of 11 horror and thriller movies that will be shown at next year's Sundance Film Festival.

Exclusive Update on Werewolf Movie Howl!

A few weeks back you might recall that we gave you the first heads up on a new werewolf film on the horizon called Howl (“Fever Pitch Ready to Howl” – November 2007).

Timber Clip Falls

I really don’t get it; out of nowhere comes this film Timber Falls, one of the most un-horror sounding tittles I’ve heard in a while, and it’s getting itself its very own theatrical release, albeit in a limited capacity.

First Pics From Plague Town!

A few weeks back I told you about my visit to the set of Plague Town, the first film from DVD featurette creator extraordinaire David Gregory (“Plague Town Set Visit Preview!” – October 2007).

Deadtime Stories Filming!

No sooner has the announcement been made that George Romero was producing a new horror anthology series, Deadtime Stories (“Romero’s New Deadtime Stories” – November 2007), than we get word that the flick has already started filming in and around Fayette County, Pennsylvania!

Cold Prey Sequelized

Just the other day it was announced that Cold Prey, the world’s first Norwegian snowboarding slasher film, was finally seeing a release here in the States (“U.S. Release for Cold Prey” – November 2007), and already a sequel is in the works.

Sullivan to Recut 2001 Maniacs

Icons of Fright made me smile today. In a recently interview with 2001 Maniacs (review) director Tim Sullivan they got him to spill the beans regarding a sequel and a re-release of the first one ... with some major changes: