New Rage Poster!

This sucker is a helluva lot better than the last few posters for The Rage (review), don’t you think? If you’ve never seen any of ‘em, just trust me.

Timber Trailer Today!

The last time I heard anything about Timber Falls was when Foy reported on it just over a year ago ("Timber! You're Dead!" - October 2006). News about the project has been so quiet that it took a couple of minutes to even recognize the name when it popped up today.

Stay Awake with Alba

"Every year 21 million people go under anesthesia. One in 700 remain awake the entire time. When they planned her husband's murder, they never thought he'd be the one." That is the tagline which appears on the new Awake poster. How do I know this? Well, because Cinematical got the exclusive first look at it!

AFM: Who Got What Films

Seriously, how can anyone keep up with all the madness that was AFM, which ran from Halloween until yesterday?

UPDATE: Zombie to Redo C.H.U.D.!

UPDATE: This just in! Spoke with Rob and he confirmed he WILL be helming the C.H.U.D. remake! Now this would be just plain weird ... But kinda cool at the same time.

Exclusive: Splat is Back!

Old friend of the site and effects man extraordinaire Bill "Splat" Johnson dropped us a line with good news (finally!) about some upcoming projects he’s been working on for seemingly ever now. Working with the folks at Apple Pi Films, things are finally looking up for the man!

Fido Makers Bring The Thaw

The other day I got the great opportunity to chat with Fido director Andrew Currie about the recent DVD release of his movie (listen to it here), and of course the subject of new projects came up.

Filming Wraps on Lonely Joe

Word came down from the production today that filing has officially wrapped on the semi-inide movie Lonely Joe, which is unfortunately calling itself Saw meets The Sixth Sense, despite the fact that the plot has nothing to do with kids who see dead people nor cancer-ridden psychos.

Teaser Art, Plot for Underground

When the word first came out about Tinieblas Gonzalez’s Underground ("Filmax Goes Underground" – October 2007), there was little to nothing known about the plot. Thankfully some more info has finally surfaced, as well as the teaser poster you see to your right, so you can make a better judgment on whether this is one to keep an eye on or not. Us? We don’t have a choice, being your news whores and all.

More Black Devil Doll News!

There's no doubt Black Devil Doll is ready to unleash his fury on whitey and any bitch-ass trick who gets in his way! As you know, the controversial flick will be having its world premiere in Dallas, Texas - March 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2008, on a 40'x40' inflatable screen with outdoor surround sound at our show, Texas Fear Fest, but wait ... there's more!

Moore's Now Got a Kill Theory

Today we got a bit of heads up about the first film from Feast producer Chris Moore, which was originally called Last Resort. Its title has changed yet again it seems, from Last Resort to Killers to Kill Theory. None of them sounds any less generic than the other, so I guess it doesn’t make a huge difference, does it?

Lucas Tells Tale

Josh Lucas (pictured) has signed on to star in the upcoming re-adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic "The Tell-Tale Heart", craftily shortened to just Tell-Tale, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Are You Ready for Saw Blade?

The official plot synopsis for the upcoming low budget (I mean really low budget!) slasher flick Sawblade describes it as being "In the tradition of such movie successes as 'SAW' and 'HOSTEL'". Having watched the trailer, I must say I'm not seeing the Saw or Hostel comparisons. Now if they'd said "in the tradition of every no budget, shot-on-digital slasher flick ever made", then, yeah, I'd see the comparison.

Requiem For Myers

Fangoria got word today that the first face of Halloween's Michael Myers (Tony Moran) has joined with Playboy model Alex Del Monacco to star in Mark Poole's upcoming Heaven VS. Hell pic, Requiem for the Fallen.

Studies Gets Bloody

Director Lonnie Martin informed Fangoria today that his feature film about feisty fatal feminists has wrapped principal photography and he sent along a batch of new pictures to boot!