English Oxford Murders Trailer

A few weeks ago we brought you the Spanish trailer for Alex De La Iglesia's thriller The Oxford Murders. Visually it looked great, but unless you were fluent in Spanish, the plot was a little tough to make out. To sum things up John Hurt and Elijah Wood try to use very complicated mathematical equations to figure out who, where and when a local serial killer will strike next.

Splice Rolling for '09

If you happen not to remember us talking about a film called Splice, let me refresh your memories. Sarah Polley, Adrien Brody and Delphine Chanéac will be under the direction of Cube helmer Vincenzo Natali as he takes us into a world of beautiful and terrifying world of genetic engineering...

I Am Legend Video Blowout

Next week we'll finally know if I Am Legend will finally be the adaption of Richard Matheson's book we've been waiting for since 1954. The third time may be the charm, right?

Cox in Red!

First The Lost (review) then The Girl Next Door (DVD review) and now Red; seems like Jack Ketchum’s work isn’t quite as unfilmable as some may have theorized.

Exclusive: DePalma's Phantom Lives Again?

Remember when we told you guys about the badass series of films being programmed by Edgar Wright at the New Beverly Cinema ("Beverly Cinema Gets it Wright" – November 2007)? Sure you do. Well, our man Andrew Kasch was in attendance at last night’s screening of Brian DePalma’s Phantom of the Paradise and got some very interesting news.

Dante 01 Videos Gallore!

We’ve been waiting for years for City of Lost Children co-director Marc Caro to do something new, and finally we’ll be getting it with Dante 01, his first solo project that we last mentioned back here.

The Truth About 1-15-08

I'm going to assume you've heard of this movie called Cloverfield, right? Giant monster, New York City, handheld footage: pretty much the Blair Zilla Project. I hear there's a lot of hype surrounding it. Something about a viral marketing campaign too. Lots of anticipation. Comes out on 1-18-08.

DVD Releases: Horror Next Door

Check out your list of DVDs both good and bad come Tuesday, December 2nd, 2007...

Exclusive: Broken Director Talks New Projects!

The other night I got on the horn with Broken (DVD review) director Adam Mason for our first “formal” interview (which you can hear right here).

Parisse Booth Ready to Howl

Last week we showed you a new poster from and gave you the first details on Howl, a new werewolf horror/comedy being produced by Moviehole owner Clint Morris ("Exclusive Update on Werewolf Movie Howl!" - November 2007).

Evilshop Gets Ashley J. Williams!

So most recently we told you about the books we’d soon be stocking from Leisure in Evilshop, but what about those of you who want something a bit more ... interactive? Rejoice!

New Images From Halloween: Nightdance!

All right, so putting Rob Zombie’s Halloween behind us is what most horror fans really want to do, right? Right. Devil’s Due Publishing has decided to help with Halloween: Nightdance, a brand-new story taken from Carpenter’s original world. In Halloween: Nightdance, a young girl named Lisa discovers that a horrible secret from her past, more than likely Michael Myers, has resurfaced and is leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

Halloween Producers Lay Down the Hurt

This moring, Daily Variety reports that Trancas International Films, the production house behind almost all the Halloween films including the recent remake, have chosen newbie director Adam Finberg to helm Hurt, from a script by Anthony Grieco (no relation to Richard) and Jeff Drongowski, marking the duo's first script sale.

Noe Finally Set to Enter the Void?

The German-French Film Funding Commission has granted a nice chunk of change to Irreversible director Gaspar Noe for his long-awaited feature Enter the Void; $700K according to Variety.

Men Who Fell Released Abroad

It’s been a very long time since we’ve heard anything about the low-budget horror/sci-fi flick The Men Who Fell, which had made us all stand up and take notice when it was being made for how simply badass it looked considering it’s lack of funds.