Preview of Dark Sector Zero!

The cold war is over, but its secrets are about to infect the world. The phrase "Silence is deadly" never meant more. There exists a virus that means an agonizing death to its victims and the infected survivors are in for a special hell. This virus reshapes man into a monstrous new creature. Will it reshape the planet?

Breck, Dietz & More Join Krampus

This weekend our MySpace master, Nomad, got a message from the makers of a new film called Krampus about some pretty kick ass casting news for their oddly-titled film.

Wanna be a Zombie?

I've been following a comic book styled zombie flick called The Undertakers: Road's End for a while. Everything about the project has great potential, but all that is holding it back is ... money. Yes, that fuel that puts all movies into motion is all the Undertakers team needs, but they've come up with a great idea to drum up some cash!

Fever Pitch Ready to Howl

I know the teaser image is cheesy, and I’ll be damned if I could find out more about it, but I can't help it; I’m a sucker for a werewolf film. Eric Stoltz and Muse Watson are both in talks to star in a new film from Fever Pitch productions, the team behind Dante Tomaselli’s The Ocean as well as the recent Horrofest entry Tooth & Nail (review), called Howl. Generic, yes, but effective!

Neighborhood Watch Gets a Deadly End

What’s so bad about the title Neighborhood Watch, if I may ask? It’s a bit generic, sure, but it’s fitting when you actually see the movie, directed by Graeme Whifler.

Design the Ad for King's Latest!

Ever seen an ad for an upcoming Stephen King novel and scoffed, saying to yourself, "I could do better than that!"? Well, Hodder & Stoughton, the UK publishers of King’s books, want you to put your creative talent where you mouth is.

Exclusive Black Waters Pics!

This morning we received a slew of exclusive stills from The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond, the horror movie directed by Gabriel Bologna and written by Bologna and former DC reporter Sean Clark.

Gens Prepping Cannibal Movie

When I did my recent e-mail interview with Xavier Gens, director of Frontiere(s) and the upcoming Hitman adaptation, he told me his next movie would be about a shipwreck on an island full of cannibals, and needless to say I was intrigued.

New Stepfather, Family Chosen

This morning Daily Variety is reporting that Dylan Walsh ("Nip/Tuck"), Sela Ward (The Day After Tomorrow) and Penn Badgley (Drive Thru) have signed on for roles in Screen Gems remake of The Stepfather.

DVD Releases: Cruising Nude Cannibals

Only one week to go before Thanksgiving! The best way to celebrate cultural extinction is to pick yourself up some badass horror movies! Check out the releases for Tuesday, November 13th, 2007: Cannibal Man Directed by Eloy de la Iglesia

After Dark Horrorfest Coverage

Need to know which of this year's 8 Films to Die For you should be seeing? Check out our reviews and interviews with the filmmakers right here!

Dark Floors Teaser!

Though it’s noticeably absent of monsters, except in a few quick shots here and there, the boys at Twitch Film still got their hands on the first teaser trailer for Finish rock group Lordi’s feature film debut, Dark Floors. Check it out below!

Trailer for Blood River

Someday we’re actually going to get an exclusive or two from Broken director Adam Mason, I’m sure of it. Maybe a pic or something. For now, though, I’ll just have to deal with others getting them, in this case Twitch Film, who just got the first trailer for Adam Mason’s Devil’s Chair follow-up, Blood River. It’s got a definite Dust Devil vibe to it, if ya feel me. Check it out below!

New Signal Site Launches!

This is a movie you all need to see. All of you. It blew minds left and right at this year’s Fantasia, which was only one of many fests it’s kicked ass at over the last year or so.

Black Devil Doll Director Speaks!

Who's the man behind what's guaranteed to be one of the most offensively funny films of the year? A self-hating negro named Jonathan Lewis, that's who.