Exclusive Black Waters Pics!

This morning we received a slew of exclusive stills from The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond, the horror movie directed by Gabriel Bologna and written by Bologna and former DC reporter Sean Clark.

Gens Prepping Cannibal Movie

When I did my recent e-mail interview with Xavier Gens, director of Frontiere(s) and the upcoming Hitman adaptation, he told me his next movie would be about a shipwreck on an island full of cannibals, and needless to say I was intrigued.

New Stepfather, Family Chosen

This morning Daily Variety is reporting that Dylan Walsh ("Nip/Tuck"), Sela Ward (The Day After Tomorrow) and Penn Badgley (Drive Thru) have signed on for roles in Screen Gems remake of The Stepfather.

DVD Releases: Cruising Nude Cannibals

Only one week to go before Thanksgiving! The best way to celebrate cultural extinction is to pick yourself up some badass horror movies! Check out the releases for Tuesday, November 13th, 2007: Cannibal Man Directed by Eloy de la Iglesia

After Dark Horrorfest Coverage

Need to know which of this year's 8 Films to Die For you should be seeing? Check out our reviews and interviews with the filmmakers right here!

Dark Floors Teaser!

Though it’s noticeably absent of monsters, except in a few quick shots here and there, the boys at Twitch Film still got their hands on the first teaser trailer for Finish rock group Lordi’s feature film debut, Dark Floors. Check it out below!

Trailer for Blood River

Someday we’re actually going to get an exclusive or two from Broken director Adam Mason, I’m sure of it. Maybe a pic or something. For now, though, I’ll just have to deal with others getting them, in this case Twitch Film, who just got the first trailer for Adam Mason’s Devil’s Chair follow-up, Blood River. It’s got a definite Dust Devil vibe to it, if ya feel me. Check it out below!

New Signal Site Launches!

This is a movie you all need to see. All of you. It blew minds left and right at this year’s Fantasia, which was only one of many fests it’s kicked ass at over the last year or so.

Black Devil Doll Director Speaks!

Who's the man behind what's guaranteed to be one of the most offensively funny films of the year? A self-hating negro named Jonathan Lewis, that's who.

Want More Joy Rides? You Know You Do!

There's no question! The fans have spoken! We need another direct-to-video franchise! We need not just one sequel to the Paul Walker SHOCKER(!), Joy Ride, we need a throng of them! Our worlds would not be complete without them. If anyone can hammer mediocrity home for all of us, it's a killer named Rusty Nail!

Everyone's Batty for Bats 2 Tonight!

Sure there's the Afterdark Horrorfest and P2 in theaters this weekend, but why shell out your hard earned money to go somewhere to watch a potentially great movie when you can stay home and watch a made-for-television sequel to Bats premiering on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight? What possible reason would you have not to do so?

No Living Clay for del Toro

The idea of enchanted/cursed clay sculptures coming to life and portraying events that have yet to happen is a kick-ass idea for a movie. With Clive Barker acting as executive producer, there's no way that plot could go to waste, right? Guess I spoke too soon...

Frankenstein Looks Super Dooper!

If you're blue and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits? Shit! FIRE!!!

Behind the Etruscan Mask

I have no idea what an Etruscan Mask is. Not a single clue. Good thing director Ted Nicolaou (Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys) was around to explain it to us via YouTube. Etruscan Mask is an Italian horror film Ted has directed, and it is showing a bit of promise.

Zombie Off C.H.U.D.?

Ryan Rotten of STYD recently updated a story about our confirmation that Rob Zombie would be directing the C.H.U.D. remake ("Zombie to Redo C.H.U.D.!" - November 2007). According to STYD Rob may not be attached to the redux at all, "We got word from Zombie's management team that he is NOT directing the remake."