Are You Ready for Saw Blade?

The official plot synopsis for the upcoming low budget (I mean really low budget!) slasher flick Sawblade describes it as being "In the tradition of such movie successes as 'SAW' and 'HOSTEL'". Having watched the trailer, I must say I'm not seeing the Saw or Hostel comparisons. Now if they'd said "in the tradition of every no budget, shot-on-digital slasher flick ever made", then, yeah, I'd see the comparison.

Requiem For Myers

Fangoria got word today that the first face of Halloween's Michael Myers (Tony Moran) has joined with Playboy model Alex Del Monacco to star in Mark Poole's upcoming Heaven VS. Hell pic, Requiem for the Fallen.

Studies Gets Bloody

Director Lonnie Martin informed Fangoria today that his feature film about feisty fatal feminists has wrapped principal photography and he sent along a batch of new pictures to boot!

Event Report: New York Horror Film Festival '07

The New York Horror Film Festival is quickly becoming a powerhouse on an East Coast in dire need of more creepy happenings. Every year the show’s organizers strive to deliver a selection of films that is all at once diverse, entertaining and evil as all hell.

Cooler Borderland Poster!

Indeed, this is a much cooler poster for Borderland, one of the 8 Films to Die For that hit theaters starting this Friday, November 9th, and running to November 18th. Borderland is based on true events and concerns a group of college kids who get mixed up with the very, very wrong crowd while travelling through Mexico. Check out the new poster below, and keep your eyes open for my interview with Borderland director Zev Berman later this week!

Park's Vampire Tale Goes to France

Over the weekend The Hollywood Reporter had some good news and more plot details for Chan-Wook Park’s upcoming vampire movie, Bakjwi, which of course came from the madness of AFM. That explains why we missed it till now...

Diary 2 Not Happening Yet?

So we’ve all been over-geeking about Romero turning around and instantly returning to the Diary of the Dead (review) characters and situations, since during AFM it was all over that Diary of the Dead 2 was definitely happening.

Image to Get Stuck

A quick rundown of a whopping total of three horror films being looked at during AFM showed up in The Hollywood Reporter this morning, in which mention was made of a possible deal for Stuart Gordon’s Stuck, so I thought you guys’d like to hear about it.

Blacksite: Area 51 has Gone Gold!

Your long awaited chance to get those bug-eyed bastards back for their incessant anal-probing is nearly at hand as Midway Games' latest alien blast-a-thon has officially gone gold for the PC and Xbox360!

Dead: Subject 805 has Risen!

Out of all of Sideshow Toys' 12-inch figure series, their Dead line is without a doubt my all-time favorite. How can you not love kickass looking fully articulated zombies?

Scoring with Aliens

If you didn't know by now, many of us here at Dread Central are very pumped about Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem. Buz, Andrew Kasch and myself have been waiting for someone to get it right ever since a certain director caused mass nerd hysteria with the first AVP movie ("Dinner for Aliens & Predators").

A Stag Night to Remember

I've never been a big fan of subways. Once in DC I was almost shanked by a George W. Bush impersonator after I made the mistake of offering him 13 souls in exchange for ending the war in Iraq. They were good souls too! OK, maybe not ... most of them came from super-depressed MySpace users, but it was a bargain nonetheless.

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #73

Issue #73 November 2007 It’s really hard to follow up on something like Rue Morgue’s last issue, their 10th anniversary celebration as well as a focus on all things The Thing. But they don’t get a break for a few more months, so the best thing to do is focus on what could be the next best thing in horror; The Mist

D-VD War

If you saw Dragon Wars and thought it was absolute garbage with zero redeeming values, filmmaking at its crappiest, you would be correct. But if you are like me and found the film to be a lot of fun in the same vein as a 1970's era Godzilla flick, then you would also be correct. It is indeed both; a modern day Godzilla vs.

Whisper Gets Louder

It looks like the creepy kid fad isn't going to die yet, but maybe the little bastards will actually get better with age ... and direct-to-video releases.