Gaiman Gives Coraline Update!

Finally some movement has happened on Henry (The Nightmare Before Christmas) Selick’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. I know it takes a long time to make stop-motion come to life, but it seems like it’s been way too long for this project.

Sweeney Todd Sings!

This one’s really for the ladies when it comes down to it. Sure, it’s cool to see some early footage from Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd, and studio sessions of star Johnny Depp singing his heart out, but we guys aren’t going to gush about how cute Depp still is (despite being in his forties … the bastard) like the ladies will. So girls, consider this an early Thanksgiving present!

Colour From the Dark Trailer

I’ve not seen Ivan Zuccon’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's Shunned House, though I have heard some good things about his follow-up feature, NyMpha. So I was intrigued when I heard of yet another Lovecraft story the man is bringing to the screen, The Colour From the Dark, based on the author’s "The Colour From Out of Space".

New Horror DVD Dates

Some cool DVD news has come down in the last few days so instead of just putting the stories up one at a time, I thought it’d make more sense to keep it all in one place. Does that make me lazy? Probably!

Another Vision of From Beyond?

I guess since H.P. Lovecraft’s work is public domain, anyone and their mom can feel free to adapt it into film however they see fit, but is it really a good idea to try and redo From Beyond after Stuart Gordon made such a badass film from it once?

Seventh Moon Done!

Literally about 10 minutes ago, Eduardo Sanchez updated his MySpace blog with the fantastic news that his next film, Seventh Moon, has officially wrapped!

Ghostbusters Game Footage!

Well, it seems Terminal Reality is a bit further along on their Ghostbusters game than we first thought… G4 managed to get their hands on some very cool gameplay footage from the upcoming game, which we just heard the first word on ("First Ghostbusters Game Screenshot!" – November 2007). Check it out below and tell me it doesn’t kick ass up and down Park Avenue!

Death Note Prequel Trailer Live!

Still waiting for release news on the Death Note movies here in the States? So are we ... Now we’re closer to another Death Note movie we’ll have to wait for info on, the Hideo Nakata-helmed prequel L, which has been silent for a while, too ("Death Note Prequel Helmer Named!" – April 2007)

New Friday Details Revealed

So it seems, much like the internet, Camp Crystal Lake is really just a series of tubes. Who knew?

Who Wants Lake Dead 2?

If you listened to the new Dinner For Fiends, in which we discussed the After Dark Horrorfest, then you heard quite a bit of discussion about the movie Lake Dead (review), primarily comments along the lines of how utterly wretched the film was and disbelief that it got selected for the fest.

Teeth Trailer Bites

Girls. The parts they have. Most of us guys love those parts, but what if those parts didn’t love us back? What if, for example, a girl who we wanted to get alone just so happened to have teeth in her vagina!?!

See the New Cloverfield Trailer!

Don’t feel like heading out to see the "why did they do it in CG?" wank-fest Beowulf this weekend? Don’t blame you. Personally the only reason I wanted to go was to see the new Cloverfield trailer on the big screen. Now, thanks to someone’s crappy camera phone, I don’t have to!

Stewart Enters Twilight

Though it bores me just to write about it, we are a news site who wants to make sure you’re up to date on all the latest happenings in the genre, even if they do involve teenage vampire love. That’d be a good name for an album ... hmmmm ...

Thanksgiving Merch!

Who can go out a shoot a fake trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist in a weekend and end up seeing merch for it in Hot Topics stores just over a year later? Eli Roth, of course.

Smith Signs Up for Chain Mail

Tonight we got word about a new production ramping up from Twisted Pictures, the makers of the Saw films among others, called Chain Letter. Michael Bailey Smith (Pluto from the Hills Have Eyes redux) stars in the film as Chain Man, an intense serial killer out to ... well, kill a lot. We honestly don’t know a lot about it right now, but we can tell you it’s being directed by Deon Taylor and got rolling back on the 10th.