Brotherhood Finalizes Sound Mix

Today we received word from filmmakers Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer that their latest horror outing, Brotherhood of Blood, is in its final stages with the sound mix being completed at Herold Studios. "After months of post production, it’s great to see the movie finally on the big screen," said Roesch, who's knee-deep in the final sound mix for the vampire film. Ken Foree, Rachel Grant, Sid Haig, and Jason Connery star.

Exclusive: Mendez on Gravedancers Features!

Following yesterday’s story about the Dutch release of a 2-disc Steelbook edition of Mike Mendez’s The Gravedancers (read it here), Mendez dropped us a line with some interesting information that I ho

Halloween Honored

"The annual selection of films to the National Film Registry involves far more than the simple naming of cherished and important films to a prestigious list." That’s from the mouth of Librarian of Con

Dare You Enter the Freakshow?

A week or so back I did a story about yet another new production from The Asylum designed to serve as a direct-to-DVD knock-off of a theatrically released film. I got an e-mail shortly thereafter from

New MoH: "Valerie on the Stairs"

Masters of Horror has been on winter break like the rest of the world for the last few weeks, but on Friday, December 29th, it shall make its return with a new episode directed by series creator Mick

First Look at One Missed Call

I really hope you guys are sitting down for this one! Warner Bros. released new stills from all of their 2007 movies today, and among them was the first look at Eric Valette’s remake of Takashi Miike’

Get Gravedancers Now!

The sycophants over at Twitch Film just found out via one of their forum members that you don’t have to wait until March 27th to take home Mike Mendez’s excellent The Gravedancers (review) on DVD. All

Wood Goes to Oxford

Sure the English-language debut of Alex de la Igleisa may not sound like 100% horror, but this is the man who did Day of the Beast, a movie that should be required viewing for everyone, so we’re going to talk about it, damnit.

Gans Headed Back to the Hill

By now I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the place, but just in case...

Sony's Message to Kids

I guess you have to hand it to the marketing department at Sony; at least they’re making an effort to try something different to sell their movie to today’s super wired-in kids. To help promote Th

Dead 5 Disc Art

You know what I want on the cover of my zombie movie? Half naked girls! Nothing says "undead carnage galore" like a chick in her underwear crawling on the ground, you know? Below is the cover art for

Re-Animator Trilogy Plots Revealed!

A brand-new, career-spanning interview with long-time horror leader Brian Yuzna (where’s his Masters of Horror?) has just appeared over on a site called Eyes on the Cinema, and it’s a good one. In

Exclusive: The Bay Nabs Coscarelli's Quest

Don Coscarelli is well known to fans of the strange and obscure for many reasons; chief among them is the Phantasm series, but he also has the classic sword-n-sandal movie Beastmaster and horror/comed

Screw-On DVD

Now this is good news indeed! Lionsgate just announced (according to Davis DVD) that Mike Mignola’s animated Amazing Screw-On Head will be hitting DVD on February 6th, 2007. What the hell is Amazi

DVD Release List: Get Down

Your shopping ain't done! The following discs hit stores on December 26th, 2006... Angst (2003) Directed by Wolfgang Buld Now I’ve met and dated some chicks with intimacy issues, but Helen’s g