Butane Next on Killer's List?

Yeah, I’m screwed. I’d heard about this around town but didn’t want to believe it to be true. It’s not like I’ve said anything recently to piss anyone off … have I? I hope they catch this sicko before

Exclusive Look at To Live and Die!

Today the supa cool folks behind Robert Kurtzman’s latest directorial effort, To Live and Die, threw a couple of exclusive first looks at the movie to us, just for Dread Central readers. How cool is t

*UPDATED!* Festivals for Richards' Scars

**DIG IT: Mr. Richards just sent us a look at the poster for Summer Scars! Sexy!<** This sounds like it’s going to walk the line of good taste and exploitation; and might be a bit dangerous, to boot.

Myriad Still Has Mother

Just a follow up to the last story we did on Mother of Tears (“Weinsteins Find a Mother” – September 2007), the folks at The Hollywood Reporter have confirmation that the Brothers Wein actually have a

Wolf Man Moved

Well, it’s too bad but at least the move is happening now and not, say, a month before its release. Box Office Mojo is reporting a release date switch for Mark Romanek’s The Wolf Man remake, set t

DMX Develops Lockjaw

Hey, it worked for Ice Cube in Anaconda, so why not for DMX? The rapper-turned-actor (Exit Wounds, Never Die Alone, Cradle 2 the Grave) has recently wrapped production of a killer serpent flick entitl

Fright Night or Funhouse?

Tom Holland's Fright Night is currently being shopped around to writers courtesy of the Sony film company, Screen Gems. The details are not numerous but STYD did inform us that the goal with this rema

1408 has been Double Booked

I really wanted to like 1408 (review). Andrew's review had me thinking this was going to finally be the "haunted blank" movie I had been waiting for all these years. Did it answer that call? Did you m

Viz Nabs Death Note

Now this is a bit unexpected, but not too surprising if you think about it. Viz Media just announced that they’ve nabbed all theatrical rights for the live action Death Note movies, Death Note (re

Trick 'r Treat Early this Year

Like any good horror junky, I love Halloween. It isn't about the candy, the protesting Christians or the cavities. No, Halloween for me was always about the f'ing costumes! There's nuttin' quite like

First Pics From Lordi's Dark Floors!

Yeah, that’s pretty evil. What you’re looking at to your right is one of six pics the boys at Twitch Film got their hands on from Finnish metal band Lori’s first foray into horror, aside from thei

Ready for More Body Bags?

Sure you may have ignored most of the stuff that came out with R.L. Stine’s name on it, and who could blame ya? You’re a grown-up horror fan after all, what would you want with kid’s stuff? Such w

Eerie Fest Schedule Announced

The Northeast's largest horror film event, The Eerie Horror Film Festival, has just announced its official line-up, and wow is this fest set to kick a copious amount of ass! Let's take a look at the gory goods, shall we? For exact showtimes and more make sure you click the link above! Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Sitges 2007 Films Announced

You know what really sucks the most about Sitges for me? I know people who live pretty much walking distance from the festival so I’d have a place to stay if and when the Gods of Finance ever smiled u

P2 Poster!

I’ve heard some damn good things about the new parking-garage set horror film P2 from the few who have gotten a chance to see it, and these are guys whose opinion I trust. Though you might not think i