Prom Director on Stepfather

Wow, from one unneeded 80’s horror remake to another; Nelson McCormick must be on top of the world. I just hope he’s wearing his Members Only jacket. Daily Variety announced today that McCormick h

Hatchet is Buried Deep!

Afraid you missed your shot at seeing Hatchet in the theatres? Were you sitting there thinking, "Oh truzzwuzzers! The best horror film of the year probably got booted out of the theatres already..." F

Rogue Site Live!

It sure seems like we’ve been waiting an inordinate amount of time for Greg McLean’s follow up to Wolf Creek, the killer croc movie Rogue. Finally, on November 8th Dimension’s going to throw us a bon

A Message from Chas.

**Editor's Note: This is a follow up from the man himself regarding a story we did back here. Keep kicking ass, Chaus!** After over 14 fuckin' months of surgery / chemo / radiation shit, a recent P

Hatchet Finds its Mark!

Lord knows we've been singing this film's praises forever, and now finally Victor Crowley is out there and speaking for himself! So how did the little film with virtually no advertising except from

Dare You Open Death's Door?

A few weeks back we showed you the first trailer for the indie horror film Death’s Door (“Death’s Door Trailer!” – August 2007) and at the time I commented that it sure didn’t look like an indie film.

Alien, Hunter, Omega; Oh My!

Early last month I reported on how The Asylum was working on I Am Omega, one of their signature mockbusters, this piggybacking off of the upcoming megabudget Will Smith blockbuster I Am Legend ("Dcasc

DVD Releases: Double Feature A Go-Go!

A lot, and I mean a lot of discs are due out on Tuesday, September 11th, kids, so pay attention! The Addams Family: Volume 3 Directed by Various Man, the just don’t make shows like this anymore

Report from Chainsaw Training!

While the closing of Back to the Future: The Ride still makes my blood boil, it's hard to stay mad at Universal Studios for their never-ending dedication to October thrills. Last year, I had the pleas

Brightman and Head Join Repo!

Oh, man, the casting for Darren Lynn Bousman’s Repo! The Genetic Opera just keeps getting cooler and cooler. With shooting set to start today some more last-minute casting has come down; namely th

Brody to Splice

There’s a lot of crazy shit going on with our brothers to the north where the Toronto International Film Festival is going down as we speak. Bloody Disgusting are stalking the clean streets of the cit

Daybreakers Franchise?

While I’m sure the Spierig Brothers Undead follow-up, the futuristic vampire action movie Daybreakers, is going to be pretty damn slick, is it possible it could also be the first of a franchise?

Image Nabs Undead

Well, this sure is good news for fans of zombie western comedies everywhere. A few weeks back we did a story about how Glasgow Phillip’s Undead or Alive: A Zombedy might be left floating for a whi

Full Hellrasier Specs!

Anchor Bay has finally gotten around to filling in the details on their Hellraiser: 20th Anniversary Edition DVD release, which will be part of the prestigious Anchor Bay Collection that started off w

Trailer for Romero Doc Dead On!

A few months back, our boys in Montreal got to sit down with indie filmmaker Rusty Nails, director of Acne (review) and the upcoming George Romero doc Dead On: The Life and Cinema of George A. Romero